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Drugs case probe continue to affect Tollywood

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Prohibition and Excise Department is probing in connection with the drug rackets case.


The day SIT began its probe on some of the Tollywood celebs linking them in Drugs scandal case, a group has surfaced within Tollywood.


Actress turned politician Roja said that the Film Celebs are like glass building which could be broken with just stone pelting.




Even if the Celebs obtain clean chit in future, the building once broken can’t be rebuilt.


SIT Officials need to stop publicity stunts & nab influential people involved in the drug racket, Roja added.


Ram Gopal Varma faulted SIT investigation and made satirical comments on SIT Probe, he was later got a counter from SIT officials.

Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma


Character artist R Narayanamurthy fired on SIT investigation of Tollywood celebrities saying that SIT can arrest the actors if they have evidence against the actors.

He said the way SIT is investigating the case is not good.

R Narayanamurthy

R Narayanamurthy


Posani Krishna Murali, screenwriter, actor, director, and producer has reacted differently.

Posani Krishna Murali

Posani Krishna Murali


He said SIT has all the rights to investigate anyone anytime for the sake of society.


He condemned the statement that SIT is only interrogation Tollywood celebrities. Actress Sanjana said she is shocked to know the happenings and wished that these drugs incident should come out as a lie.

In the wake of several threatenings to SIT officials from various unknown sources, Telangana government has focussed on it.


Excise Director Akun Sabharwal and Excise Commissioner Chandrawadan, who are giving the updates time to time to the Chief Secretary S.P. Singh about the drugs Scam investigation report, were given assurance that they should not fear with any force.

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