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RGV tweets BJP’s Minister manhandled by Public

The controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has expressed his opinion after watching the viral video of BJP MP Harsh Wardhan, who was beaten up by the angry public in Delhi.

RGV tweeted “Shocking : BJP MP Harshvardan badly beaten by note ban angry public in Delhi”

This incident highlights the reality of Public angry on Modi’s Demonetisation.

Literally, people are not against this Demonetisation act.

The way it was implemented without taking proper steps has been faulted as it created hurdles every day for common man to stand in front of the ATMS and Queues which losing their daily work is a reason behind public angry.

Several businesses have stopped and so many were facing troubles for their daily needs.

The general conception is that the people who are facing struggles will know the pain but simply supporting Modi without checking others problems is really not that good thing.

It is high time and need of the hour that Government need to think about this and should support people to meet their daily needs.

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