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Air India Flight sets a record of world’s longest Non stop flight

Air India Delhi-San Fransico flight set a record of world’s longest nonstop flight. Earlier, the flight used to fly over the Atlantic ocean. Last week the airline changed the route of travel and they took the route over the Pacific ocean.

However, flying over Atlantic gives Air India a less distance than the Pacific. It needs to travel 13,900Km if it chooses to fly over the Atlantic and 15,300km if it chooses to fly over the Pacific. But the interesting thing is that AI took two hours less time and completed in 14.5 hours. This is because of wind direction. The earth moves from west to east, the winds blow in the opposite direction of its travel path when it is flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Suppose, the aircraft travel at a speed of 800kmph, the actual speed of the flight would be 938kmph If the flight travels in the same direction of the wind. On the other side, the aircraft speed would be 776kmph, if the aircraft travels in the opposite direction of the wind. The Boeing-777 200 long range aircraft used to burn 9,600 litres of fuel per hours and saving two hours has a huge advantage for the airlines.

Air India set to hold the record of longest Nonstop flight for another two years until the launch of nonstop flight by Singapore Airlines between Singapore and New York to cover a distance of 16,500km in 15 hours.

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Updated: October 26, 2016 — 6:30 am

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