Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 18, 2021

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 18, 2021

1- Promotion: Will Sunny gain from the power tool in Bigg Boss Telugu 5?

Ravi gained entrance to the power room in today’s Bigg Boss Telugu 5 teaser.

Bigg Boss handed Ravi a power tool and asked him to choose which contestant he wanted to hand it over to. Ravi stated that he intends to give it to Sunny.

Sunny first refused to take the power tool.

Later, he seized Ravi’s power tool and handed him his gold pellets.

According to the power tool, Sunny must replace a roommate in order to enter the mine and seek for and gather gold pellets.

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2- Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Priyanka and Anee are in jeopardy!

There are only a few hours left in the Telugu Bigg Boss house voting process, and spectators are actively voting to keep their favourite competitors from being nominated. It is known that eight housemates have been nominated for this week’s episode.

According to the polls, Sunny is in the lead with 34% of the vote, Shanmukh Jaswanth is in second place with 32%, Sree Ram is in third place with 9%, Kajal is in fourth place with 7%, Maanas is in fifth place with 5.5 %, Siri is in sixth place with 5%, Priyanka Singh is in seventh place with 4% votes, and Anee is in last place with 3.5 % votes.

This week, Priyanka and Anee master are in jeopardy.

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3- Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Kajal breaks down following Sunny’s comments

Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5 is packed of emotions and one-of-a-kind assignments.

The Bigg Boss producers have released the latest trailer in which the housemates are shown engaged playing a task set by the Bigg Boss.

The feud between VJ Sunny and RJ Kajal erupted when Sunny questioned RJ Kajal why she was continuously following her.

She became emotional after hearing his remarks, and tears streamed down her face.

Sunny talked to her about the matter, and she said she contacted him and told him she didn’t want to participate in the group.

In today’s episode, find out how things will alter in the Bigg Boss house.

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4- Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Anchor Ravi makes shocking statements on Shanmukh-Siri’s relationship

Fans are enjoying the fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show, presented by King Nagarjuna.

The Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants, notably Shanmukh, Siri, Sunny, Priyanka Singh, and others, are going above and beyond to impress the public with their game ideas.

Contestants Shanmukh Jaswanth and Siri Hanmanth are very attentive since social media shows that they are quite close.

According to netizens, they are reluctant to express their feelings to one another since they are committed to their relationships outside the home.

As a result of these circumstances, one of the participants, anchor Ravi, has made some fascinating remarks regarding their friendship, which has become a hot topic.

He has reminded them of their external ties with their loved ones while also warning them about their emotional bonds within the Bigg Boss house.

It remains to be seen how this bond develops over time, both inside and beyond the home.

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