Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- September 19, 2022

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- September 19, 2022

1- Gangster in Rajasthan is shot and killed before appearing in court: police

In Rajasthan’s Nagaur district, a mobster was shot dead in broad daylight by unknown assailants as he prepared to appear before a court, according to police.

Gangster Sandeep Sethi, who has been free on bail since September 12, arrived today with his friends for a hearing at the Nagaur district court.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

2-Rahul Gandhi makes a splash and competes in the Kerala Snake Boat Race in this video.

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, is currently travelling 3,570 kilometres as part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra with other party members. Mr. Gandhi took part in a boat race exhibition while on his journey, which was hosted in Kerala.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

3-Amarinder Singh Joins the BJP and Combines His New Party

Amarinder Singh, the former chief minister of Punjab, has joined the BJP over a year after he abruptly left the Congress during the Punjab assembly elections.

Kiren Rijiju, the union law minister, welcomed him to the BJP. He held a meeting with BJP leader JP Nadda earlier in the day.

4-Sonia Gandhi Approves Shiv Tharoor’s Plan to Run for Congress President

Shashi Tharoor, a senior member of the Congress and one of the party’s most passionate reformers, received approval from Sonia Gandhi to run for president in the next internal elections, sources said NDTV.

5-Mamata Banerjee’s Unexpected Remark Regarding PM And CBI Raids

In some ways, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today offered Prime Minister Narendra Modi a pass on the matter of businesses fleeing the nation while being unnoticed by law enforcement.

She asserted that the “BJP leaders (who) are plotting” should be held accountable, noting that the CBI now answers to the Union Home Ministry, which is run by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

6-Ayodhya receives “Yogi Mandir” dedication from U.P. CM for “ensuring” Ram Temple building

To honour Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, a guy in Ayodhya built a temple.

In honour of the U.P. CM, Prabhakar Maurya, who identifies as a “Yogi pracharak,” erected a temple and composed hymns.

He claims that he had long promised to erect a temple honouring the guardian of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Even tourists can get prasad at the Prayagraj Highway shrine.

7-Iranian women cut their hair and burn their hijabs in protest at moral policing and enforced clothing codes.

several demonstrations in Iran following the passing of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman.

After being detained by the Morality Police, who police dress restrictions, the woman passed away.

According to Iran’s mandated clothing code, women must cover their neck and hair with a headscarf.

To protest the required veiling, women protestors chopped off their hair and burned their hijabs.

8 “Hindu symbols vandalised”: India is outraged by the violence in Leicester and calls for action against the offenders

In the eastern English city of Leicester, violence against the Indian minority and vandalism of Hindu properties were sharply condemned on Monday by India, which further demanded that those responsible for these crimes face immediate punishment.

In response to reports of fights over the weekend in the city, which the local police described as “severe disorder,” the High Commission of India in this country stated in a statement that it had “seriously” taken up the issue and requested protection for people impacted from the UK authorities.

9-UK: Dramatic events during the Queen’s funeral when a police officer and a staff member collapse

As the United Kingdom said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II, one police officer who was on duty passed out and collapsed.

The police officer was taken in a hurry to a local hospital, where it is said that his condition is not critical.

Another incidence involved a Buckingham Palace employee who passed out after paying respects to the Queen.

10- Mahua Moitra plays football while wearing a saree, sports shoes, and sunglasses.

Mahua Moitra, a TMC lawmaker, could not resist showcasing her football prowess. Mahua Moitra is pictured kicking the ball while sporting a saree, athletic shoes, and sunglasses.

The legislator can be seen standing in the goal and making a save in the second image. Some internet users questioned if wearing a saree was suitable while others applauded Mahua Moitra.

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