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Tollywood Drugs : All the stars in question facing interrogation

The drugs case is causing tremors in Tollywood industry and there are mixed reactions about the interrogation in the industry, about this drugs case.

The Tollywood industry is shouting over the roof, that the SIT and media are targeting them, by leaving the people from other fields.



The SIT has clarified that it has interrogated 27 members in the drugs case and only six Tollywood celebrities are on that list.


The SIT did not disclose the remaining names and the rumors are doing rounds that there are sons of IAS and IPS officers also linked to this drugs case.




Director Ram Gopal Varma is waging a social media war against the SIT investigation.


Director Ram Gopal Varma has questioned SIT interrogation, by stating that it is tormenting the celebrities families and added that it is damaging the image of Hyderabad and Telangana.


A lawyer Ranga Prasad has filed the petition alleging that the comments made by the director RGV are aimed to demoralize the SIT officials investigating the Drugs Scandal case.


Narayana Murthy has clarified that it is not right on the part of the responsible people, to immediately jump into prefixes like Udta Hyderabad etc.


Posani expressed that the SIT interrogation cannot be considered as against Tollywood.Posani expressed that SIT interrogating few individuals in the cinema industry doesn’t mean that it has targetted the Tollywood.


Posani said that the Government has targetted all the sectors and reminded the raids on government officials and exposing their corruption.


Congress senior leader V Hanumantha Rao expressed that CM KCR is so intelligent that he diverts the people’s attention from one issue to the other and quoted few examples, supporting his allegations.


VH reminded that EAMCET case was left and immediately Nayeem’s case was picked up and VH questioned the status of these cases.


Director of Excise and Enforcement, Akun Sabharwal speaking in an interview given to Suma, has explained that most of the people in the society are gaining personal pleasure from the pain and agony of others

Akun Sabharwal said that most are not worried about the children’s future, but only curious about a film people and their dates of interrogation.


Actor Navdeep who faced the probe by SIT officials in the Drugs scandal issue has tweeted. In the twitter platform, the actor has alleged that some News Channels and some News Papers have written the investigation report of Drugs Scandal according to their own ways without verifying the facts.


He has alleged that they are writing the stories misusing the media rights.

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