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Caught on camera: Man hit with 30,000 volts of electricity, falls 100ft to the ground and STILL manages to walk away

A shocking video emerged showing a man reportedly hit with 30,000 volts of electricity. The video explores an electricity hit man falling reportedly from 100ft to the ground and surprisingly, the same man is seen walking away amazingly. The footage also shows how a bright orange flash of light sparked with a sound near the […]

On Cam: Lady Singham forces Panchayat Secretary to do sit ups-Exclusive visuals

CEO Zila Panchayat Nidhi Nivedita, popularly known as ‘Lady Singham’ who made an official tour in Singrauli has caught up the Panchayat Secretary for raising fake bills. The Panchayat Secretary had violated the norms and allegedly used photoshopped images of basin and taps outside toilet and claimed bills against them. Lady Singham has forced Panchayat Secretary […]