Boris Johnson selfie video after testing positive for Covid-19- British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson selfie video after testing positive for Covid-19

Boris Johnson selfie video after testing positive for Covid-19. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19. He is exhibiting mild symptoms, it has emerged. Downing Street reports suggest that the Prime Minister is continuing to lead the Government’s coronavirus response. In a video posted on his Twitter feed, UK Prime Minister said […]

Coronavirus disease prevention- Isolation, Quarantine and Social distancing

Coronavirus disease prevention

Coronavirus disease prevention measures. Social distancing are the measures taken to increase the physical space between person to person to slow the spread of the virus. Self-quarantine is key to keeping the virus away from spreading, along with steps like social distancing, frequent hand-washing and wearing masks. Isolation is the process to separate sick people […]

Hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus- Avoid random use of it-Health Ministry

Hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus

Hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus. Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry have suggested that the Hydroxychloroquine tablet is only meant for those, who come in contact with coronavirus positive patient. It has suggested avoiding the random use of Hydroxychloroquine. Health Ministry released a statement that social distancing is 62% effective to overcome the spread of COVID-19. The […]