Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Confirms 9,000 Job Cuts in Second Round of Layoffs

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Confirms 9,000 Job Cuts in Second Round of Layoffs

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has announced a critical decision to let go of 9,000 employees across various departments such as AWS, People, Experience, Technology (PXT), Advertising, and Twitch. Although the move is a difficult one, Jassy believes it is necessary for the company’s long-term triumph. This decision comes shortly after Amazon laid off 18,000 employees and Meta announced its plans to cut 10,000 jobs.

In November 2022, Jassy had first initiated a voluntary reduction offer to some PXT employees, which he further expounded on in January, eliminating 18,000 roles primarily in Amazon Stores and PXT. Jassy clarified in a memo that the latest role reductions are not linked to the previous announcement as the teams were still finalizing their analyses at that time.

Jassy noted in the memo that the affected teams are yet to make their final decisions on which roles will be impacted, and Amazon anticipates concluding this by mid-to-late April. The company is taking responsibility by providing support for the affected employees, such as a separation payment, transitional health insurance benefits, and external job placement support. In December and January, Amazon paid out $640 million in severance packages.

However, the voluntary separation program in India led to Amazon’s summon by the Pune Labour Commission after Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) filed a complaint, stating that the program was illegal.


1-Who is Andy Jassy?

Ans- Jassy is an American businessman and the CEO of Amazon since July 2021. He has been with Amazon since 1997 and was previously the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s cloud computing division.

2-Andy Jassy net worth?

Ans- As of 2021, Jassy‘s net worth is estimated to be around $500 million. However, this figure may change depending on fluctuations in the stock market and other financial factors.

3-Andy Jassy Email Id?

Ans-As a public figure and CEO of a major company, Jassy’s email ID is not publicly available. However, you can contact Amazon’s customer support team for any inquiries or issues related to the company.

4-Andy Jassy Parents?

Ans- Jassy’s parents are Margery and Everett Jassy. They are both retired teachers who worked in New York City public schools.

5- Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s Role?

Ans- Jassy is the CEO of Amazon, responsible for overseeing the company’s overall operations and strategy. He was previously the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a position he held for 14 years.

6-Andy Jassy spouse?

Ans-Jassy is married to Elana Rochelle Caplan. They have two children together and are known to keep their personal lives private.

7-Andy Jassy Nationality?

Ans- Jassy is an American citizen, born and raised in New York City. He is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

8-Andy Jassy Education?

Ans- Jassy graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA in 1997. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Harvard College in 1990.

9-Andy Jassy Salary?

Ans-As the CEO of Amazon, Jassy’s salary is not publicly disclosed. However, according to reports, his compensation package includes a base salary and stock awards.

10-Andy Jassy Net Worth?

Ans-As of 2021, Jassy’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 million. This includes his Amazon stock holdings and other investments.

11-Andy Jassy Bezos Amazon Streetjournal!-What is there connection?

Ans- Andy Jassy worked closely with Jeff Bezos for many years at Amazon, and was the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) under Bezos’ leadership. In 2021, Bezos stepped down as CEO and Jassy took over the role. Bezos remains the executive chairman of Amazon’s

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