Bad Cop Web Series Review (Hotstar)

Bad Cop Web Series Review: A Thrilling Crime Drama

Series Name: Bad Cop
Release Date: June 21, 2024
Cast: Anurag Kashyap, Gulshan Devaiah, Harleen Sethi, Palle Singh
Director: Adihya Dutt
Producer: Leena Tondon
Music: –
Banner: Fremantle

Bad Cop is a crime thriller series starring Gulshan Devaiah in a dual role. Despite its familiar storyline, the series offers a fresh narrative. The first two episodes have received positive reviews, and the remaining episodes will be released soon.

Plot Summary:

The story is set in Mumbai and revolves around twin brothers Karan and Arjun, both played by Gulshan Devaiah. Raised in an orphanage, Karan is adopted by a family and becomes a police officer in Mumbai, while Arjun turns to a life of petty crime in the same city.

Karan is married to Devika (Harleen Sethi), who is also a police officer. Devika’s promotion creates tension between the couple, exacerbating Karan’s insecurities.

Devika frequently urges Karan to distance himself from Arjun, fearing career repercussions, but Karan remains in touch with his brother.

The plot thickens when Arjun becomes embroiled in a murder case involving journalist Anand Mishra. A senior police officer and friend of Mishra, Saurabh Sachdev, enters the fray, prompting Arjun to seek Karan’s help.

During a clandestine meeting, the brothers are attacked by henchmen of a gangster named Kasba, who controls an illegal ivory trade from prison.

Karan and Arjun fight off the attackers but are injured and plunge into the sea. Karan is hospitalized, and upon recovery, Devika, unaware of the switch, takes Arjun home, thinking he is Karan.

Arjun, fearing for his life, plans to flee to Gujarat with his lover but learns that Kasba’s men killed his brother. Determined to avenge Karan’s death, Arjun devises a plan to eliminate them.


The series, though based on a familiar theme of twins separated by fate, manages to engage the audience with its unique screenplay and treatment.

The first two episodes lay a solid foundation for the series, introducing well-designed characters and plotlines. The performances, particularly by Gulshan Devaiah, are commendable.

The cinematography by Anik Ram Varma, editing by Jitendra, and background score contribute significantly to the series’ impact. The narrative raises intriguing questions:

How will Arjun avenge his brother’s death? Will Devika uncover Arjun’s true identity? Who murdered journalist Anand Mishra, and how does this case haunt Arjun?

The remaining episodes are anticipated to deliver strong content, maintaining the audience’s interest with suspenseful developments.

Bad Cop Web Series Review

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