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Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 15, 2021

1- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo- Kajal is having significant problems with her housemates.

Following Jessi’s expulsion from the Bigg Boss house on Sunday, contestant Kajal, who is in the danger zone, has accused competitors, particularly Siri, Shanmukh, and Anee Master, of targeting her in the nomination process.

Kajal has vented her emotions in the newest promo broadcast by the makers, stating that they are pursuing her to depict her in a poor light with bogus claims.

She has criticised Shanmukh’s comments, in which he indicated that the home will be quiet when she leaves. Kajal has also defended herself aggressively in response to Siri and Anee’s master.

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2- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promotion: Housemates nominate each other for the following grounds.

The nominations fever began in the Telugu Bigg Boss house when housemates were invited to nominate other prisoners who were no longer qualified to stay in the house.

During the nominations process, Bigg Boss ordered the housemates to open up their thoughts against the other housemates by pouring a liquid over their heads.

During the process, anchor Ravi and Sunny got into a furious dispute.

Later, Kajal requested that Ravi refrain from twisting her comments, as has become usual in the Bigg Boss house.

Shanmukh Jaswanth’s reply is funny when Maanas asks him not to stand on assumptions.

Let us wait and see who makes the nominations this week.

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3-Bigg Boss Telugu 5: These housemates have been nominated!

Monday is nominations day in the Telugu Bigg Boss house, and the heat will be turned up following the nominations.

According to the most recent teaser, Bigg Boss urged the housemates to nominate other housemates for the 11th-week elimination by dumping liquid on their heads.

It has already been revealed that either five or six housemates will be nominated this week.

Ravi is not nominated because he is the captain of the house.

Sunny, Maanas, RJ Kajal, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Siri, and Anee Master are rumoured to be among the nominees.

Let us wait and watch what happens in the Bigg Boss house since anything may happen.

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4- Jessie’s Telugu Bigg Boss 5 pay disclosed!

Jessie was evicted from the Telugu Bigg Boss house in the tenth week on Sunday’s programme.

It is known that Jessie was not ousted despite receiving less votes, but he left the house due to sickness.

Following his eviction, he revealed many intriguing details regarding his time in the Bigg Boss house alongside Ariyana Glory in Bigg Boss buzz.

The internet is currently buzzing over Jessie’s pay for his ten-week stay in the home.

If social media reports are to be believed, Jessie was paid Rs 1.5 lakh each week for his 10-week stay in the Bigg Boss house, totaling roughly Rs 10 to 11 lakh.

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Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 14, 2021

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