Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 21, 2021

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 21, 2021

1- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo- It’s elimination time, and the Anubhavinchu Raja movie team entertains

In terms of keeping fans entertained, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has picked up the pace.

For the previous two weeks, fans have been captivated by the contestants’ constant battles in the house.

In today’s episode, Akkineni Nagarjuna, the host of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, is slated to announce the removal of one of the nominated candidates between dancing expert Anee Master and Priyanka, according to the newest trailer published by the show’s creators.

The Anubhavinchu Raja movie team’s sense of humour was also highlighted in the commercial.

Their interactions with the show’s opponents are hilarious to see in the presence of actor turned presenter Nagarjuna.

Bigg Boss Promo

2- Telugu Bigg Boss 5: Sunday isn’t for fun; it’s for elimination.

Telugu Bigg Boss season 5 producers have released a new trailer in which presenter Nagarjuna asks the housemates to play a humorous challenge because it is Sunday.

The teaser began with Nagarjuna’s entrance, who stated that today is Sunday in the house, which meant Elimination Day, shocking the housemates.

He later asked Maanas what he expects from Priyanka after Bigg Boss, and his response will win hearts.

He inquired once more about Prinki’s expectations of Maanas.

After Nagarjuna asked Anee master a question, she responded with a humorous response. Ravi drew everyone’s attention in this commercial.

Bigg Boss Promo

3- Priyanka Singh’s parents will be allowed into the Telugu Bigg Boss house!

Only four weeks remain until the Telugu Bigg Boss season 5 finale, and after today’s eviction, there will be eight housemates in the house.

It has been discovered that Anee master and Priyanka Singh are in danger, and it has been announced that Anee master will be eliminated this week.

Bigg Boss is reportedly planning to surprise the housemates by inviting their families inside the house.

According to sources, inmates’ family members will be quarantined for three days before being allowed to enter the house, and Bigg Boss will surprise Priyanka Singh by allowing her parents to enter.

Bigg Boss Promo

4- Deepthi Sunaina and Shanmukh Jaswanth will dance together in the Bigg Boss house?

Deepthi Sunaina, a renowned Telugu Instagrammer, will enter the Telugu Bigg Boss house to meet her boyfriend Shanmukh Jaswanth.

Bigg Boss season 5 is only four weeks away from its grand finale, according to reports.

Bigg Boss is now planning to surprise the housemates by bringing in Bigg Boss contestants’ families.

Pinky’s parents will be the first to enter the house and surprise her.

Deepthi Sunaina will later enter the house, and Shanmukh and Deepthi will perform a duet song together.

Today, Bigg Boss presenter Nagarjuna will reveal the identity of a contestant who will be ousted from the house.

Bigg Boss Promo

5- Anee master Bigg Boss Telugu 5 post-elimination interview promo

The popular and contentious reality show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu,’ presented by senior actor Nagarjuna, is about to enter its 11th week of competition.

The competitor Anee master was eliminated during the weekend.

She spoke with Ariyana Glory, a previous Bigg Boss Telugu contestant who now hosts the show Bigg Boss 5 Buzz, after her removal.

The dance instructor may be seen in the promo responding to numerous queries about the remaining contestants in a lighthearted and emotive manner.

The complete interview will air on Star Maa tomorrow.

The nominations for the 11th-week elimination include Priyanka Singh, Siri, Kajal, Sunny, Sreeram Chandra, Shanmukh, Maanas, and Anee Master.

Bigg Boss Promo

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 updates- November 20, 2021

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