Cash Latest Promo – 29th May 2021 – Hyper Aadi,Ram Prasad,Deepika Pilli,Bhanu Sree

Cash Latest Promo – 29th May 2021 – Hyper Aadi, Ram Prasad, Deepika Pilli,Bhanu Sree

The latest promo of Suma’s Cash program filled with funny moments is out.

Jabardasth comedians Hyper Aadi, Auto Ram Prasad, anchors Deepika Pilli and Bhanu Sre have entertained the audience with their participation in the show.

They have entertained the viewers with their comedy punches.

Suma’s comedy punch dialogues on the contestants have generated hilarious comedy.

Suma and other contestants have recreated the climax scene from Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Dharedi movie.

The scene has become the centre of attraction of the movie.

The comedy of Hyper Aadi and Suma will surely enthrall people.

The episode releases on May 29.

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