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Deepthi Sunaina video song- Yemaiundacho-2022

Watch and enjoy ‘Yemaiundacho Telugu full video song’ starring Sugi Vijay, Deepthi Sunaina, Divya Reddy, and Kaviyarasu.

The song was published today (March 8), in honour of International Women’s Day.

Inneram Indha Neram is the title of the Tamil version. Adithya Rkay and Vijai Bulganin perform on the album Yemaiundacho.

The song was directed by Vinay Shanmukh, while the music was composed by Vijai Bulganin.

Sony Music South has released the upbeat music album.

The song is accessible in both Telugu and Tamil.

Deepthi is an Instagram star and Social media influencer.

Sunaina is known for her contribution towards lifestyle, posting dance and selfie videos/ photos.

Apart from an actress, Deepthi is an Instagram star, television star, a model.

She gained much fame in less time with her Dubsmash videos.

Deepthi has garnered many followers on the platform.

Sunaina is very open women, according to sources.

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