Gaanth Web Series Review (Jio Cinema)

Gaanth Web Series Review: A Crime Thriller That Keeps You Guessing

Movie Name: Gaanth
Release Date: 2024-06-11
Cast: Manav Vij, Saloni Batra, Monika Panwar, Gaurav Mishra, Pramod Chaturvedi, Sourabh Patel
Director: Kanishk Varma
Producer: Ajith Andhare
Music: Raghav-Arjun
Banner: Tipping Point

A Crime Thriller Series: Gaanth
8 Episodes
Strong Storyline – Slow Narrative
Engaging Twists
Overall an Impressive Series

There is a huge craze for thriller content on OTT platforms, especially crime thrillers. Audiences particularly enjoy stories in the crime thriller genre, prompting OTT platforms to compete for such content.

In this context, ‘Gaanth’ has been released on Jio Cinema and has been streaming since June 11. Let’s see how this 8-episode series fares.

Set in ‘Haqeeqat Nagar’ near Delhi, the series revolves around Jatin’s family. After his father Dasharath’s death, Jatin suffers a mental breakdown, losing his ability to speak, which he regains much later.

One morning, all six family members are found hanged in their home, sparking fear among the colony residents.

The case is assigned to officer Gadar Singh (Manav Vij), who faces personal problems, desiring to live with his daughter ‘Mini’. His issues lead him to alcoholism and suspension.

However, believing he can solve this case, the department reinstates him.

Gadar quickly arrives at the crime scene with officers Satyavati (Saloni Batra) and Gossai (Shravan). Among the six hanged family members, a ten-year-old boy,

Kushagra, is found alive and rushed to the hospital. Sakshi (Monika) takes responsibility for his care. Gadar starts investigating Jatin’s family, learning they were reclusive and exhibited strange behavior.

There are signs of superstitions, and the family had performed a ritual before their deaths. Except for Gadar, everyone else believes the deaths were suicides.

Gadar questions how the family could have tied their hands and feet if they committed suicide, why the family dog died before them, why new pipes and tunnels were constructed in the house, why Jatin withdrew a large sum of money the day before their deaths, and to whom he gave the money. These questions propel his investigation.

Soham Bhattacharya and Shahim penned the story, directed by Kanishk Varma, and produced by Ajith Andhare. The series begins with the suspicious deaths of a family, and the investigation to determine whether they were murders or suicides unfolds from the first episode, moving forward with many twists.

The beginning, intermittent twists, and the climax twist make the series stand out. The climax twist is unexpected. Unlike typical crime thrillers that showcase police action extravagantly, this series stays close to reality, making the scenes feel slow-paced at times.

However, each episode is quite interesting, maintaining curiosity about what happens next.

Despite the primary focus on half a dozen characters, other characters appear frequently, and each leaves an impact. Suitable locations enhance the story’s strength.

The background score by Raghav-Arjun is a major highlight, Prateek’s cinematography is impressive, and Sanjay Sharma’s editing is neat. Unlike usual police stories with troublesome dialogues, this series avoids that. Despite its slow pace, ‘Gaanth’ is an interesting series with engaging content.

Gaanth Web Series Review

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