Gaddar: Telangana’s Legendary Voice of Revolution Passes Away

Gaddar: Telangana’s Legendary Voice of Revolution Passes Away

In potentially stunning news. Gaddar, a famed Naxalite, poet, playback singer, and revolutionist, dies.

Legendary poet, playback singer, and revolutionary Gaddar passed away in Hyderabad on August 6, 2023, which may go down in Telangana history as a sad day. The most recent information indicates that the venerable folk singer passed away while receiving medical care at Hyderabad’s famed Appollo Hospitals.

Gaddar was brought to the hospital due to complications with a cardiac condition, to give specifics. He went away this afternoon at the age of 75. Gaddar, who was active in the Naxalite struggle till 2010, eventually joined the Telangana statehood movement.

Gaddar joined the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) People’s War after going into hiding in the 1980s. He gave performances in front of large crowds as a member of its cultural section. A failed assassination attempt in 1997 left a gunshot in his back.

Gaddar, who was involved in the Naxal movement till 2010, then declared himself to be an Ambedkarite. In honor of the Gadar group, which challenged British colonial rule in Punjab in 1911, he chose the name Gaddar.

Gummadi Vittal Rao, also known as Gaddar, is a singer who has appeared in a few movies. Gaddar won the Nandi Award in 2011 for the song he sang in the movie Jai Bolo Telangana. Telangana’s state has been in disbelief since the news broke.

According to reports, a unique funeral service has been organized, and Telangana will accord Gaddar full state honors at his death. Gaddar and his family are receiving condolences from the film business during this difficult moment. The funeral’s specifics will shortly be made public.

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