Revolutionizing Knee Replacement: AI-Powered Surgery Hits Lucknow

Revolutionizing Knee Replacement: AI-Powered Surgery Hits Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, has recently welcomed ⁠ a medical robot equipped with artificial intelligence. This robot is designed to enhance precision ⁠ during total knee replacement surgery.

The AI-powered robot at Apollomedics Hospital does a tailor-made job that can elevate ⁠ the relief from regular total knee replacement surgeries to 90-95 per cent.  

He stated that the knee replacement procedure using AI ⁠ technology has a precision level of 0.1 mm. ‍

“It works with real time imaging and data analysis and is an ⁠ active robotic system unlike conventional or passive robotic methods,” he said. ‍

Stating that six patients have already availed the facility at his centre, CEO Mayank Somani said, ⁠ “When the skilled hands of a doctor come together with cutting edge technology…magic happens. AI provides surgeons with a 3D map of the ⁠ patient’s anatomy, allowing for greater precision and accuracy.” ‌

He added that patients will not be charged extra for getting operation done via AI but ⁠ only the cost of consumables used for AI tools will have to be paid for. ‌

The technology used for knee replacement will soon be extended to include ⁠ shoulder and hip replacement at our center, as mentioned by Somani.

“As precision is high, the life of the implant in the patient’s body lasts longer. Up to 20 per cent life is ⁠ added to the same implant when done with AI, as used in non-AI surgical methods for knee replacement,” he added.

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