Kumkum Bhagya, 21 January 2022, Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya, 21 January 2022, Written Update

Sahana discusses the child with Ranbir.

Prachi informs Rhea in today’s episode that she should not have contacted the cops.

Rhea claims she intended to punish her for the robbery.

Prachi states that Rhea was aware of her plan to merely steal the paperwork, but she criticised her for taking the jewellery as well.

Prachi claims she has triumphed since Ranbir took time away from a crucial meeting to come to her aid because he still loves her.

Rhea informs her that Ranbir was only concerned about his family’s reputation.

Prachi relaxes for the sake of the baby.

She informs her infant that Ranbir adores children and was ecstatic to find that Sahana was having a child.

She continues by saying that she was unable to tell Ranbir the truth about her pregnancy, which would have given him the greatest joy of his life.

As he goes along the street, Ranbir considers Prachi. He talks to a man who is sleeping on the side of the road.

The man claims to have a large house, but his wife has booted him out.

He tells Ranbir about his problems.

He requests that Ranbir tell him about his love storey.  Follow More Kumkum Bhagya Update On www.catchynewsworld.com

Ranbir discusses his love life in detail.

His life, he claims, is overly complicated.

The man adds that it isn’t difficult; all he has to do is make Prachi jealous by being sweet to Rhea, and Prachi will return to him and declare her love.

Ranbir is ready to collapse as he arrives home, but Prachi holds him. Ranbir requests that she leave him alone, stating that he does not require her assistance.

Prachi expresses a desire not to assist.

Prachi wonders why she is feeling so horrible when she had planned for it to happen, and she catches her tears in the mirror and cautions herself, wondering why he is upsetting her.

Sushma’s words come to mind. When Ranbir meets Sahana, he asks whether she is all right and invites her to a casual conversation.

Sahana says she’d want to tell him about the kid.

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