Kundali Bhagya, 21st January 2022, Written Update

Kundali Bhagya, 21st January 2022, Written Update

Kundali Bhagya, January 21st, 2022, Written Update: Romance Between Karan and Preeta Kareena, please assist Prithvi: The episode begins with Rakhi apologising to Janki.

Janki tells her that arguments are frequent in all families, so she doesn’t need to apologise.

She claims that they are related.

They exchange hugs.

Kareena is taken aback when she notices this.

Karan is looking for Preeta in this location.

He meets Kritika and tells her all she needs to know about the bogus cops.

Kritika speculates that it may also be Preeta’s strategy.

He instructs her to quit her foolishness and then walks away.

Kritika tells herself that she believes Prithvi since she doesn’t see any profit to Prithvi in doing all of this.

Meanwhile, Kareena informs Dadi about Rakhi and Janki’s hug.

She tells her that Preeta came to this house as a physiotherapist but ended up owning it.

Kundali Bhagya serial highlights: She stole everything Karan own. Sameer arrives and says that they should be thankful that Preeta has everything and not Prithvi.

He tells her that Prithvi hosted the party, and that if Preeta hadn’t shown up, Prithvi would have taken up the assignment.

He tells her that Preeta rescued their firm and then departs.

Dadi tells Kareena that Sameer is correct, but he shouldn’t have spoken in this manner.

Mona informs Sherlyn of Sapera’s arrival. Natasha explains to Sherlyn why Sapera has arrived.

Sherlyn recalls Prithvi’s plot to terrify Mahesh by exhibiting a snake.

She claims that only he can see the snake and that he will respond to it.

In front of investors, Prithvi would show Mahesh to be insane.

Kundali Bhagya episode highlights: She explains the entire strategy to Mona and Natasha. Follow More Update On www.catchynewsworld.com

Sherlyn then instructs Mona to take Sapera to Mahesh’s room.

Nanavre and the MLA talk about the township project.

Natasha and Sherlyn are on the lookout for Prithvi.

Janki notices them and assumes Natasha is similar to Sherlyn.

She tells herself that she needs to keep an eye on them. Janki is in her room, waiting for Preeta.

Sameer appears and inquires about Preeta. She claims to be in the restroom.

She emerges. He informs her that Nanavre has called her.

She walks away. Janki is ready to contact Sarla when she overhears Natasha and Sherlyn conversing.

Karan runs into Preeta and inquires as to what is going on.

He inquires as to why Nagre is suddenly backing her and who arrested her.

She recalls Nagre’s attempt to murder her. She inquires as to why he tracked her down.

She tells him she doesn’t have time to respond.

He tells her he was worried about her, and she acts as though he is a one-sided lover.

Preeta’s speech during the party wowed all of the investors.

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