Kurangu Pedal Movie Review (Amazon Prime)

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review: A Heartwarming Ride Through Childhood

Movie Name: Kurangu Pedal
Release Date: 2024-06-21
Cast: Santhosh Velmurugan, Ragavan, Gnanasekar, Rathish, Sai Ganesh, Kaali Venkat
Director: Kamala Kannan
Producer: Sivakarthikeyan
Music: Ghibran
Banner: Sivakarthikeyan Productions

Kurangu Pedal, a Tamil movie now streaming on Amazon Prime, brings back the essence of family-friendly films that were once popular and specially made for children.

Let’s delve into how this movie, directed by Kamala Kannan and produced by Sivakarthikeyan, fares.

Plot Overview:

Set in the 1980s in a small village called “Kateri,” the story revolves around Kandasamy (Kaali Venkat) and his family, including his wife Savitri and their 12-year-old son Mariyappan (Santhosh). Kandasamy cannot ride a bicycle, earning him the nickname “Walking Kandasamy” in the village. Mariyappan finds this very embarrassing.

Mariyappan, along with his friends Angarasu, Sanginari, and Nidhi, spends most of their time playing outdoors rather than staying at home.

During their summer holidays, they decide to learn stick fighting instead of visiting relatives, and eventually, their attention shifts to bicycles.

Determined to ride a bicycle and reach a distant hill, they gather 50 paise by contributing 10 paise each to rent a bicycle for an hour.

The shop owner, a former military man, intimidates the kids, making them return the bicycle before time, leaving them dissatisfied.

To rent the bicycle, Mariyappan resorts to stealing money and eggs from home. Once, due to a lack of rental bicycles, the shopkeeper lends him a cycle belonging to a drunkard, with a strict instruction to return it before he arrives.

When Mariyappan’s sister Selvi delays his return, the drunkard creates a scene at the shop, leading the shopkeeper and the drunkard to Mariyappan’s home.

There, Kandasamy learns about his son’s secret cycle rentals and the petty thefts for money. What happens next forms the crux of the story.


Kurangu Pedal stands out with its story as the hero, rather than focusing on a singular protagonist or heroine. Set against a rural backdrop, the narrative centers on the simple yet profound desire of a group of kids to ride a bicycle.

The 1980s setting is beautifully depicted, resonating with those who grew up during that era, bringing back fond memories of childhood and the pure joy of friendship and play.

The child actors deliver natural performances, seamlessly blending into their roles without appearing to act. The locations add another layer of charm, capturing the essence of village life that makes the audience feel as though they’ve been transported there.

Cinematographer Sumeet Bhaskaran’s work deserves special mention for enhancing this nostalgic feel, while Ghibran’s background score complements the narrative effectively. The editing by Shivanandeeswaran is crisp and engaging.

This film also underscores the significance of a home, not just as a structure but as a sanctuary of emotions and relationships. The concluding message from the main characters adds depth, making it a wholesome family watch.

It’s a delightful journey for older audiences to reminisce and for younger viewers to appreciate the innocence and simplicity of past times.

Kurangu Pedal – Official Trailer | Sivakarthikeyan
Kurangu Pedal Movie Review
Kurangu Pedal Movie Review
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