Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 30, 2022

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 30, 2022

1- 2 Hyderabad Casino Men Raided. Hawala, exotic animals, and actors are on the menu.

The Enforcement Directorate searched the homes of two casino promoters in Hyderabad for possible hawala transactions.

The two individuals, Madhav Reddy and Chikoti Praveen, assert that their gambling operation is lawful.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

2-Chennai Is Prepared For India’s First Chess Olympiad

The world chess Olympiad in Mamallapuram has sparked a chess craze that has reached unprecedented heights.

Children from over the nation are flocking there to watch matches live and find inspiration, boosting expectations that the massive Chennai event can transform India into a chess powerhouse.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

3-Who Is Lydian Nadhaswaram, the Pianist Who Astounded Everyone at the Opening of the Chess Olympiad in 2022?

The 44th Chess Olympiad was inaugurated by Lydian Nadhaswaram with this outstanding performance.

It left everybody in awe. This prodigy’s identity. Watch to learn more.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

4- GPS-equipped balloons are being sent from Pakistan to India.

In the Domana region of Jammu and Kashmir, police discovered a balloon that was equipped with a sophisticated GPS Integration Chip.

The alleged chip has been delivered to police for analysis.

Investigation authorities are reportedly looking into the potential security threat.

In the same location where a drone was seen carrying three IEDs on June 7 and a suspected IED was neutralised by the army on July 14, is the Domana region, which is close to the Jammu Pooch Highway.

5-US: Gun control bill passes the lower house By a vote of 217 to 213 the bill was approved.

A gun restriction law has been approved by the US lower house.

By a margin of 217 to 213 votes, the bill was approved. Democrats had campaigned for the assault weapon ban.

6 Performing an underwater flag demonstration in the sea as part of the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign

Indian Coast Guard did an underwater flag demonstration in the sea as part of the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign.

An ICG representative claimed that the campaign was undertaken to instil a “sense of patriotism” in the public and to raise awareness of the Indian National Flag.

7-Ukraine commemorates its first “Statehood Day” with an impassioned speech from Zelenksyy

Zelenksyy’s moving address is part of Ukraine’s celebration of its first statehood day. Russia might step up its onslaught in the area of Kharkiv.

To assure the release of basketball sensation Brittney Griner, the US presents a proposal to Russia.

8 – In Odesa, President Zelensky poses for a hospital selfie with a wounded Ukrainian serviceman.

President Zelensky visited Odesa and made a stop at a nearby hospital.

He talked to service members and posed for pictures next to the injured.

9 – At Rashtrapati Bhavan, a Mozambican parliamentary delegation met with President Droupadi Murmu.

A parliamentary delegation from Mozambique visited the president of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu, at Rashtrapati Bhavan under the leadership of Ms. Esperanca Laurinda Francisco Nhiuane Bias, speaker of the assembly of the Republic of Mozambique.

10- During a T20 competition, bomb goes off inside the Kabul International Cricket Stadium, injuring four people.

Four persons were hurt after an explosion occurred inside Kabul’s primary cricket stadium during a local league match, according to an Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) spokesman.

After the explosion, a video showing the individuals frantically looking for a safe place to take cover became viral on social media.

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