Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 13, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 13, 2023

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1-Naatu Naatu Wins An Oscar: 5 Special Causes

The Elephant Whisperers earned the Best Documentary Short Subject Oscar, and Naatu Naatu from RRR won Best Original Song. In this one, NDTV’s Arun Singh goes into great depth about Natu Natu.

2-Five Reasons Why The Elephant Whisperers Is Famous After Winning An Oscar

Oscars 2023: The Elephant Whisperers, an Indian documentary film, took home the award for Best Documentary Short Feature at the 95th Academy Awards. This achievement is famous for a variety of reasons. Arun Singh of NDTV names each.

3-Composer MM Keeravani: “Feels Like Top Of The Universe” After “Naatu Naatu” Win

By becoming the first Indian song to receive an Oscar, Naatu Naatu made history. The song’s composer, MM Keeravani, commented on the achievement: “I have the impression that I am at the top of the universe. Right now, I’m feeling ecstatic and extremely fortunate. The world’s biggest acknowledgment is this.”

4-The Moment Naatu Naatu Won the Best Original Song Award in 2023

Oscar hosts Janelle Monae and Kate Hudon said, “RRR,” to a raucous response from the audience. Watch MM Keeravani’s famous speech, which is set to the tune of Top of the World, and the exact instant Naatu Naatu won Best Original Song at the Oscars.

5-How Chiranjeevi Congratulated Team RRR On Historic Award at the 2023 Oscars

After Naatu Naatu won the Oscar for Best Original Song, Ram Charan’s father Chiranjeevi thanked the complete team, with a special mention for director SS Rajamouli.

6-Rahul Gandhi’s “Democracy” Remark Causes Chaos In UK Commons

On Monday, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha procedures were suspended until 2 p.m. due to controversy surrounding Congressman Rahul Gandhi’s comments about Indian democracy made in the UK, for which the government demanded an apology.

7-OSCARS 2023: Host Jimmy Kimmel refers to RRR as a “Bollywood Comedy” and receives vicious teasing

When he referred to RRR as a “Bollywood movie” during the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel made a controversial remark. As he announced the first reward category, it was seen that he was being led away by dancers who were on stage performing Naatu Naatu. Jimmy revealed that a group of RRR artists will dance the winners offstage during the 95th Academy Awards, as opposed to playing the winners offstage. The SS Rajamouli film was then described to as a “Bollywood movie” by him. This sparked debate on social media, with many decrying the depiction of the movie as a Bollywood production.

8-Oscars 2023: At the 95th Academy Awards, Deepika Padukone Wears Traditional Couture!

Deepika, who also happens to be the Louis Vuitton brand’s worldwide ambassador, showed up on the Oscars 2023 red carpet in a black gown that was made just for her. Watch out her stunning appearance right here!

9-Oscars 2023: Meet the Best Dressed Celebs, including Deepika Padukone and Rihanna!

Many Hollywood celebrities packed quite a stylish impact on the champagne carpet at the 2023 Oscars. Celebs Michelle Yeo, Austin Butler, Lady Gaga, and Deepika Padukone were all spotted dressing to the nines. Check out the celebs who looked their finest for the gala night here.

10 Prime Minister Narendra Modi: “Naatu Naatu Will Be A Hymn That Will Be Remembered For Years To Come”

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, expressed his joy and pride over “Naatu Naatu‘s” Oscar victory and praised the song as one that people will recall for years to come.

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