Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 22, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 22, 2023

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1-‘Guy In A Skirt’ Who Leads His Own Life

Shivam Bhardwaj, age 24, is originally from Meerut. He recently went viral on Instagram after posting a video of himself doing a ramp walk in a skirt on a Mumbai local train. Consequently, he became known as “the man in the skirt.”

2-36 Cases and 6 Arrests Relating to Anti-Modi Posters Prompt the AAP to Declare “Peak Dictatorship.”

Thousands of anti-Prime Minister Narendra Modi posters posted throughout Delhi prompted a police crackdown in which 36 cases were lodged and six individuals were arrested. Two of the detained males are printing press owners.

3-Separated From The Man, A Sarus Crane Was Released Into A Bird Sanctuary.

Arif, the Amethi native whose friendship with a Sarus crane made him renowned, is once again making headlines. The Uttar Pradesh Forest Department captured the Sarus and released it into the Raebareli Samaspur Bird Sanctuary. Arif had rescued the bird, after which the two formed a rapport.

4- View as President Droupadi Murmu awards Padma medals

Today, the Padma Awards for 2023 were presented by the president. Among the recipients of the honors were Zakir Hussain, KM Birla, and Sudha Murty.

5-Watch: An Assam Man Uses An Unusual Payment Method To Acquire His Dream Scooter

A man from Assam has gone viral on social media after purchasing a new scooter with a coin-filled satchel. Md Saidul Hoque, a modest shopkeeper from Guwahati, had saved for years in order to purchase his ideal scooter. He had been collecting Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, and Rs 10 coins for the previous five or six years.

6- Youth Sings “Hanuman Chalisa” Outside of a Gurugram Cafe and Receive Applause

As a group of young people began chanting “Hanuman Chalisa” in front of a cafe in Gurugram, the atmosphere turned spiritual. The group performed a captivating jazz session that earned applause from the audience. They captivated the audience with their exceptional performance.

7= Tight Security Around the Indian Embassy in London

Pro-Khalistan demonstrators yelled and hurled ink and water bottles at the London Metropolitan Police, who kept them segregated on the opposite side of the street from the Indian High Commission for their safety. The larger Indian flag that was flying over India House’s walls provoked the protestors right away. A day after Sunday’s unprecedented vandalism, in which the Indian flag was torn down and the building’s windows were shattered, the High Commission staff retaliated with a larger flag.

8-After a Khalistan attack in the UK, India reduces protection outside the British Embassy in Delhi and retaliates.

Outside the British high commission and the envoy’s home in Delhi, India has started to scale back security. The British Embassy in Delhi has taken down the barricades and exterior security at Shantipath in the Chanakyapuri diplomatic district and the home of British high commissioner Alex Ellis at Rajaji Marg. This is in response to a violent demonstration that took place in front of the Indian mission in London.

9-Punjab Police Issue Lookout Circular, Non-Bailable Warrant Following Amritpal Singh’s Arrest

Amritpal Singh, the wanted Khalistani commander, is still at large. A non-bailable warrant and a lookout notice have now been issued by the Punjab Police for the “Waris Punjab De” leader.

Sukhchain Singh Gill, the Punjab’s Inspector General of Police (Headquarters), stated that Amritpal Singh has not yet been detained. On March 21, Punjab Police also made available images of him wearing various outfits.

10- Know why hundreds of Bollywood tracks have vanished from the Spotify Music App.

Music provides comfort for many individuals. Some people use it as a means of escaping their boring everyday routines. People who are passionate about music and songs will carefully listen to each tune. In these situations, a soundtrack is useful. People spend countless hours collecting all of their favorite songs, so when they disappear, it’s a huge letdown.

11-Covid-19: After 4 months, India reports more than 1,000 Covid cases | H3N2 virus

In the last 24 hours, there have been over 1,000 new coronavirus cases reported in India. The nation saw a total of 1,134 new Covid-19 cases, according to the Health Ministry data published today. After 129 days, India reports a daily increase of over 1,000 new Covid-19 cases.

12 Virat Kohli is ousted by Ranveer Singh as India’s most valuable star, learn more

Virat Kohli, who topped the rankings for star brand value for five straight years until 2021, has been surpassed by Ranveer Singh as the most valuable celebrity in India.

13-Pak TV anchor continues to give news as studio trembles during earthquake

On Tuesday night, many areas of north India, including the Delhi-National Capital Region, felt strong earthquake aftershocks that lasted for several seconds. With its epicentre in Afghanistan, the 6.8-magnitude earthquake also shook Pakistan, murdering at least nine people there and injuring over 160 more. Additionally, three people died in Afghanistan.

14-Dima Nova, a Russian musician best known for his anti-war protest compositions, drowned to death

The founder of a pop group whose song became an anthem during anti-war protests in Russia, Dmitry Svirgunov aka Dima Nova, perished by drowning, according to a Newsweek story.

15-A 6.8 & 2.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Delhi-NCR region on 15; learn what people are saying

In northern India, including the Delhi-NCR area, Punjab, and Haryana, there were strong earthquake tremors. According to accounts, the 6.8 Richter earthquake that struck Turkmenistan, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan was also felt in India. Afghanistan’s Kalafgan is thought to be 90 kilometers from the impact.

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