Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 24, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 24, 2023

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1-Modi dubbed me Supranakha: Cong’s Renuka Chowdhury criticised by internet users following threat of defamation case

Renuka Chowdhury, a former Union Minister and head of the Congress party, tweeted an old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi making fun of her and declared that she would sue him for defamation. Chowdhury, a close aide to Rahul Gandhi, asserted that she will sue PM Modi for defamation after he dubbed her “Surpanakha.”

2- “Modi-Adani Bhai Bhai”: Government passes Union Budget despite commotion in the Lok Sabha from the opposition

Rahul Gandhi’s comment from London and the Adani controversy continued to cause commotion in both Houses of the Parliament. Opposition lawmakers shouted “Modi-Adani Bhai Bhai” as the Prime Minister entered the Lok Sabha. Despite the speaker’s plea to keep the House in order, opposition MPs stood their ground. The Lok Sabha approved the Union Budget 2024 amid commotion and sloganeering without any debate. A joint parliamentary committee investigation into the claims made against business magnate Gautam Adani has been demanded by the opposition.

3-TikTok Boss Testifies Before Congress in the US Regarding Privacy Issues

Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok, appeared before the US House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday for about five hours. Members interrogated Chew, bringing up issues such as the protection of children’s internet safety, the privacy of American data, and TikTok’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party. This occurs at a time when President Joe Biden and the Congress are considering methods to take action against the app, including a potential US ban.

4-Ex-AIIMS Chief: No Need to Worry About New Omicron Variant

Former AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria described the new Omicron variant XBB.1.16 as a “new kid on the block” that may be responsible for the most recent increase in Covid cases. He added that new variants will continue to emerge as the virus continues to mutate over time, but stressed that there is no need for concern as long as it does not cause severe illness.

5-After the US school shooting, students and parents protest gun violence

On Thursday, a sea of students, parents, and instructors flooded the Colorado State Capitol building to call for action against school shootings. The protest happens after a shooting on Wednesday morning at East High that seriously injured two teachers. Students flocked to the Capitol for the second time this month in reaction to gun violence linked to East High. I

6-In Jharkhand, A Joyride Glider Crashes Into A House

In the Dhanbad region of Jharkhand, a joyride glider crashed into a house shortly after takeoff, injuring both the pilot and a passenger who was 14 years old. According to officials, both have been hospitalised and are in a serious state. The glider took off from the Barwadda airstrip in Dhanbad and travelled about 500 metres before colliding with the home. Officials speculated that a technical glitch may have caused the incident, but only a thorough probe would reveal the exact cause.

7-Electrician Creates Son’s Electric Bike From Scrap

Rahim Khan is an engineer who lives in Washim, Maharashtra. He makes a meagre livelihood by performing small repairs at local businesses and homes. He also owns a small store where he offers everyday necessities. College student Shafin, his son, desired a motorcycle. Rahim chose to make one at home using leftover materials since he couldn’t afford to buy one.

8- Renuka Chowdhary will file a slander complaint against PM Modi?

Renuka Chowdhary, a leading member of the Congress, has launched a defamation lawsuit against Prime Minister Modi for comparing her to Surpanakha in the Ramayan’s Surpanakha in the parliament in 2018.

9-Police Question Kirandeep, Amritpal Singh’s NRI Wife, About Foreign Funds

Amritpal Singh, the head of the Khalistanis, is on the run. And on Wednesday, three top police officers from Amritsar’s rural police questioned Amritpal Singh’s wife Kirandeep Kaur as the search for the wanted Waris Punjab De chief entered its fifth day.

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