Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 1, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 1, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 1, 2023

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1-Russian forces attack Ukrainian troops, killing around 500 people and blowing up an ammunition train | Details

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, stepped up the onslaught against Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk region. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, more than 480 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries were killed along with military hardware. Additionally, close to the Donetsk settlement of Kramatorsk, Russian forces attacked a Ukrainian train, destroying up to 200 tonnes of ammunition.

2-Wrestlers who complained to the head of the wrestling organisation are given police security.

According to sources, the Delhi Police on Sunday provided security for the female wrestlers, including a young girl who accused Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, president of the Wrestling Federation of India, of sexual harassment.

3-Gas Leak Tragedy Leaves 11 Dead In Ludhiana, Punjab

In the Punjabi city of Ludhiana’s Giaspura neighbourhood, a gas leak incident at a factory resulted in 11 persons passing out. According to authorities, four more people who became unwell are being treated at a hospital. A rescue squad was dispatched right away, and medical personnel, an ambulance, and a fire brigade crew have all set up shop there as well. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team of 50 people has also arrived at the location. There is a perimeter around the affected region.

4 ‘India’s Revenge On Brits’: Sonam Kapoor mercilessly mocked for King Charles’ coronation invitation

Sonam Kapoor is receiving online abuse since she was invited to King Charles’ coronation. The sole actor from India to be invited to the King Charles Coronation Concert is Sonam Kapoor.

5-Security broken six times in six months on Modi’s Z+

The security lapse on April 30 was PM Modi’s sixth in the previous six months. In the Karnataka election-bound state, a BJP member on Sunday tossed a mobile at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s motorcade. Here are some examples of past incidents where PM Modi’s security was violated, from a fake soldier to balloons and a mobile.

6-“The Kerala Story” storm erupts; a 1 crore prize is declared to substantiate claims made in the movie

The trailer for The Kerala Story attracted concern because it suggested that 32,000 girls from the state disappeared before eventually joining the Islamic State. According to “The Kerala Story,” 32,000 girls were taken to Syria to practise “love jihad” and convert to Islam. A reward of Rs 1 crore has been given by the Muslim Youth League, the Indian Union Muslim League’s youth wing, to anyone who can offer proof of this assertion.

7-Elections in Karnataka: The BJP’s manifesto promises a uniform civil code and giveaways.

The BJP unveiled their election platform for the May 10 assembly elections in Karnataka. One of the major promises made by the BJP is that it will implement a uniform civil code for the first time, in addition to offering free milk and cooking gas. In Bengaluru, BJP President JP Nadda announced the document’s release in the presence of the city’s chief minister and BS Yediyurappa. In order to secure the swift deportation of all illegal immigrants in the state, it also pledges to build a National Register of Citizens (NRC).

8-After the Poonch assault, India banned applications used by Pakistani militants to communicate encrypted text messages in J&K.

The mobile applications that terrorists in Pakistan utilised as platforms for communication to send information to J&K have been stopped by the Indian authorities. There are a total of 14 messenger programmes that have been prohibited, including Crypviser, Enigma, and Safeswiss. These applications were used by Pakistani terrorists to communicate in code with agents and overground personnel in the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Following a terror attack in J&K’s Poonch by a group supported by Pakistan that claimed the lives of five Indian Army soldiers, there has been a significant crackdown on mobile apps.

9-Battle Spam Calls and Messages

Thanks to the revised calling regulations that the Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) introduced, spam calls and SMSs will soon be a thing of the past. Reporter Sakshi Bajaj.

10-Searches by BYJU: This Is What The CEO Wrote To Employees

Byju Raveendran, CEO of the ed-tech company BYJU’s in Bengaluru, was searched by the Enforcement Directorate because they believe he has broken the rules regarding foreign funding. Arun Singh of NDTV breaks out what is currently known.

11-Watch: A Man Holds On To His Bonnet While a Car Is Driven in Delhi for 1-2 Kilometres

Late Friday night in Delhi, a man was observed clutching onto the bonnet of a car while it proceeded a short distance. Police said that Chandan Singh, a Bihar MP, was the owner of the automobile.

12 Rahul Gandhi Responds To Charge That PM “Abused 91 Times”: “Election Not About You”

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, responded to the Prime Minister’s claim that he was “abused 91 times” on Monday by saying that he should realise that the Karnataka election was not about him. The former AICC president poked fun at Prime Minister Modi’s remarks regarding verbal abuse directed at him by asking him to discuss the achievements of the BJP administration and upcoming initiatives for Karnataka rather than himself.

13-Navjot Singh Sidhu Addresses Demonstrating Wrestlers: “Fight Is For Honour…

Protest news from wrestlers: In support of the wrestlers calling for criminal charges to be brought against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, former Indian cricketer and political figure Navjot Singh Sidhu questioned why Sharan Singh wasn’t being detained despite a case being filed against him under the “non-bailable POCSO Act” on Monday.

The nation’s capital’s Jantar Mantar is the scene of a protest by prominent Indian wrestlers, including Bajrang Punia, Sakshi Malik, and Vinesh Phogat, calling for Brij Bhushan to be punished for allegedly harassing female wrestlers.

14-On the eve of the new season, “MasterChef Australia” judge Jock Zonfrillo passed away.

If you enjoy cooking, you undoubtedly watched Masterchef Australia and were inspired by Jock Zonfrillo. Sadly, the Chef is no longer with us. The death of the 46-year-old chef, author, and judge for Masterchef Australia has shocked the culinary community and many of his followers.

15-Abhilash Tomy finishes the Golden Global Race 2022 as the first Indian.

Abhilash Tomy, an Indian, represented his nation with pride by placing second overall in the Golden Globe Race 2022. Additionally, he is the first Indian to ever complete the race.

16-A marriage may be dissolved on the grounds of “irretrievable breakdown,” according to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court’s Constitution bench declared that it might award a divorce based on the marriage’s “irretrievable breakdown”; In a major campaign against terrorist organisations, the centre restricts 14 mobile communication programmes; price reduction of 171.50 for commercial 19-kg LPG gas cylinders; Delhi is experiencing heavy rains despite a 4-day weather office warning.

17-Happy birthday to Anushka Sharma! Learn about her early years, accomplishments, and more as she turns 35.

Anushka Sharma is an Indian actress, model, and movie financier. She is a well-known Bollywood actress. She is currently one of the Bollywood industry’s most well-known, commercially successful, and well-paid actresses. Anushka Sharma has also received various honours, including one Film Fare Award from seven nominations.

18-Sonam Kapoor is the only celebrity from India to have attended King Charles III’s coronation; details inside.

The only famous Indian person to attend and take part in King Charles III’s planned Coronation Concert will be Sonam Kapoor. She will provide a spoken word performance.

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