Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 21, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 21, 2023

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1-India Plays Audio of Mumbai Attacks Mastermind at UN; Criticises China for Protecting Sajid Mir

China was reprimanded by India at the UN for protecting Sajid Mir, the architect of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. India criticised China for preventing the blacklisting of Sajid Mir in an acerbic statement. After China’s action, India declared that “something is genuinely wrong with the global counter-terror architecture.” During the 2008 assaults, India also broadcast the audio of Sajid Mir ordering terrorists to kill people.

2- US Lawmakers Express Concerns About Modi’s Visit and Request that Biden Bring Up These Controversial Issues

President Joe Biden has received letters from some U.S. Senators and Congressmen requesting that he bring up contentious topics with the visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Biden has been requested to speak with PM Modi about intolerance, the persecution of journalists, and limitations on press freedom by 75 Democratic senators and representatives in the United States. Less than 48 hours before PM Modi’s speech to the US Congress, a letter is released. Who among the Democratic Party took the lead on this initiative, and why?

3-Elon Musk criticises Jack Dorsey for his tirade against the Modi government, saying that Twitter “must obey local laws.”

Elon Musk, the chairman of Twitter, has reacted angrily to charges made by former CEO Jack Dorsey that the Indian government threatened to shut down the social media site. Musk made fun of Dorsey by asserting that we cannot apply American law to the Earth. He continued by saying that social media businesses have no choice but to follow local laws.

4-PM Modi Receives A Vibrant Welcome In New York | Members of the Indian Diaspora Dance and Chant Slogans

As PM Narendra Modi landed in the United States for his official state visit, he was greeted enthusiastically in New York. PM Modi was greeted by hundreds of members of the Indian diaspora outside the airport in New York, who sang “Modi Modi” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

5-Biden Calls Xi Jinping a “Dictator”; Beijing Responds and Labels It An “Open Political Provocation”

US Vice President Joe Biden attacked Chinese President Xi Jinping harshly. The US President referred to Jinping as a “dictator” in reference to China. Days prior, Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a meeting with the Chinese president. The spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to Biden’s comments by saying, “The related words by the US side were highly foolish and reckless.

6-PM Modi In US: PM Modi To Lead UN Yoga Event Attended By Hollywood Star Richard Gere

Richard Gere from Hollywood will lead a UN yoga event when PM Modi is in the US.

7-Two Transgender People Killed in Hyderabad With Stones and a Knife

According to the police, two transgender people were brutally killed on Tuesday night in Hyderabad’s Daibagh neighbourhood. They were slain with stones and a knife while riding a scooter home, according to the police.

8-During the IPL 2023, the CEO of CSK discusses the Dhoni-Jadeja relationship.

MS Dhoni, who led the Chennai Super Kings to their fifth IPL championship shortly after having knee surgery in Mumbai, will be sidelined for a while.

9-World Health Organisation Warns Against 7 Cough Syrups Made in India, Find Out Why

Following deaths in Uzbekistan, the Gambia, and Nigeria, the World Health Organisation has warned consumers about seven cough syrups made in India.

10-PM At the UN headquarters in New York, Modi hosts an International Yoga Day programme.

On the ninth International Yoga Day, PM Narendra Modi leads a yoga class on the lawns of the UN building in New York. According to him, yoga is a way of life and a comprehensive strategy for health and wellbeing. Yoga, he continued, is a method to live in peace with oneself, other people, and environment. It also promotes attention in thoughts and deeds.

11-Who Are the Five Passengers on the Missing Tourist Submarine Titanic?

While diving to the Titanic wreck in the Atlantic Ocean, a submarine with five people on board vanished. Learn everything you can about the passengers on board the missing submersible as the search is ongoing.

12-Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar Greetings, Baby Boy!

Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar have been keeping their followers updated on their pregnancy, and they have now given birth to a baby! See More About Their Travels Here.

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