Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 19, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 19, 2023

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1-Rahul Gandhi Rides a Bike Near the Chinese Border; Cong MP’s Stylish ‘Dhoom’ Look from Pangong Goes Viral

During his visit to Ladakh, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi rode to Pangong Lake. The Wayanad MP took to Instagram to post photos of his breathtaking bike excursion. Rahul Gandhi is expected to spend the night near Pangong Lake in a tourist tent. His visit to UT comes ahead of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council-Kargil (LAHDC-Kargil) elections. To learn more, watch this video.

2-Pakistan Presents New India Peace Plan; ‘Revival’ Of Musharraf-Manmohan Formula I Details

Jalil Abbas Jilani, Pakistan’s new foreign minister, attempted to resurrect the decade-old Musharraf-Manmohan formula for reconciliation between the two countries. The Musharraf-Manmohan formula was developed in 2006, and it envisioned a bold attempt at peace in Jammu and Kashmir. Watch this video to learn more about the Musharraf-Manmohan peace plan.

3-Viral Video: Lightning’strikes upwards’ from Guatemala’s Acatenango Volcano

Lightning bolts appeared to shoot upwards and light up the sky over Guatemala’s Acatenango Volcano in a viral video that looked straight out of an apocalyptic film. Derrick Steele, a passerby, captured the footage during a thunderstorm on July 10 but it has only recently gone viral.

4-Hurricane Hilary: A fast-approaching Category 4 storm warns Mexico and California.

As Hurricane Hilary makes her way north, Southern California and Mexico are ready for a rare and powerful storm that could bring severe flash flooding and sustained winds not seen in decades. Residents are rushing to fill sandbags and refuel generators before the storm hits, while emergency officials are warning that roads may be flooded and establishing evacuation centres. Because of the extraordinary nature of this Category 4 hurricane, the National Hurricane Centre has issued a tropical storm watch for California for the first time in its history.

5-India plans to construct the world’s tallest tunnel, a motorable road, and a fighter jet base in Eastern Ladakh.

In Eastern Ladakh, India is constructing the world’s tallest tunnel, motorable road, and fighter aircraft base. BRO would break its own record of constructing the highest road at ‘Umlong La Pass’ two years ago. And today, with the upcoming ‘Mig La-Fukche’ road, it will be surpassed in the following two working seasons. Lt General Rajeev Chaudhry, chief of the BRO, stated that it will aid in the deployment of troops as soon as possible if a severe emergency arises.

6-Vivek Ramaswamy, US Presidential Candidate, Speaks on Ukraine War

In a departure from other US leaders, Indian-American lawmaker Vivek Ramaswamy has urged for an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with Moscow retaining parts of the Donbas region and Kyiv refusing to join NATO.

He also suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin must withdraw from his military alliance with China in order to end the dispute.

7-New Criminal Bills Explained: Raid, Arrest, Torture, and Bail Provisions – What’s Changed?

What are the new Criminal Bills’ positions on police raids, arrests, torture, and bail? To learn more, watch the video.

8-According to a report, 12% of Rajya Sabha members are billionaires.

According to the Association for Democratic Reforms, approximately 12% of Rajya Sabha sitting MPs are billionaires, with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana having the largest ratio of such politicians. The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) have examined and updated the criminal, financial, and other background information of 225 Rajya Sabha MPs out of a total of 233.

9-Cricket World Cup 2023 | ICC Unveils ODI World Cup 2023 Mascots

The ICC ODI Cricket World Cup is returning to India after a 12-year absence, and the ICC has announced its mascots for the 2019 global event. The mascots were presented during an event in Gurugram, India, in the presence of the reigning U19 World Cup Champions, Yash Dhull and Shafali Verma.

10-Gurugram: Drone footage shows severe waterlogging, putting life into disarray.

On August 19, heavy rains lashed areas of Haryana’s Gurugram, causing serious flooding in the Narsinghpur area. In the early hours of the morning, rain battered the city, particularly the Delhi-Gurugram Motorway. Water, in particular, choked the motorway following the rains, producing a traffic gridlock and other problems for travellers. People were greatly inconvenienced due to large delays, and public transport was also hampered. A bus full of passengers was stopped on the flooded road and had no choice but to wait.

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