Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 12, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 12, 2023

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1-Emergency Abortion Crisis in the United States: Texas woman, 31, Forced to Evacuate State

A frightening series of events forces a thirty-one-year-old woman to flee her home state of the United States in order to obtain an emergency abortion. Thirty-one-year-old Dallas mother-of-two Kate Cox is carrying a fetus that, due to a rare genetic abnormality, is expected to die before birth or, at most, live for a few days. Kate is currently over 20 weeks pregnant.

2-IPL 2024 Auction: Date, Location | Which cricket players from India are the most expensive?

With 333 names up for grabs in the player list that has been revealed, the much-anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 Auction is about to get underway.

3-Bhajan Lal Sharma, the incoming chief minister of Rajasthan, is a man you should be fully aware of.

Bhajan Lal Sharma has been appointed Chief Minister of Rajasthan by the Bhajan Lal Sharma Party (BJP). Rajasthan is a crucial state where the party recently won a landslide election. With four terms as the BJP’s State General Secretary, Bhajan Lal Sharma has accomplished a great deal in his political career.

4-The Delhi High Court denied Omar Abdullah’s request for a divorce from his wife Payal Abdullah.

On December 12, the Delhi High Court denied National Conference leader Omar Abdullah’s request for a divorce from his divorcing spouse, stating that his appeal lacked validity. The family court’s order was deemed to be flawless by the court, and the accusations of cruelty made were deemed to be imprecise.

5-U.S. Court Maintains Texas State-Owned Device TikTok Ban

Follow the most recent court decisions as a U.S. court maintains the prohibition on TikTok on state-owned devices in Texas. Find out the ramifications and rationale for this choice, and watch this space for in-depth commentary from experts on the relationship between technology and law.

6- Vivek Ramaswamy gets a death threat; he is aware of the man who was arrested in New Hampshire

In relation to death threats made against Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and those present at his campaign event, a 30-year-old man has been detained and charged.

On Monday, the US attorney’s office in New Hampshire declared that Tyler Anderson, a resident of Dover, was taken into custody on Saturday and accused of sending threats against Ramaswamy.

7-Have You Seen This Sudanese Woman’s Makeup Tutorial? It’s the Most Viewed Video on TikTok for 2023.

Take advantage of the year’s most fashionable makeup lesson! A gifted Black woman’s amazing instructional is going viral on TikTok. Get the newest beauty advice and trends by watching now!

8- A protester demanding a ceasefire in Gaza heckled U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris | Watch

Protesters confronted U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, requesting that the Biden Administration issue a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. “Ceasefire” was written on a protester’s banner, and she yelled her demand. Fifty protestors for the same reason were detained by US Capitol Police earlier in a Congressional office building. See to learn more.

9-Centre Adds Cases Regarding Fake Currency and Modifies Terrorism Under New Criminal Code

The center revised the definition of “a terrorist act” in law on Tuesday, adding threats to the nation’s financial and economic security, such as disseminating fake money or abducting, harming, or killing a public representative. Changes to the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, or BNS, one of three legislation that replace the existing criminal laws, include these.

10-Senior Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy: “BRS Government Has Left Telangana Bankrupt”

After nine and a half years of BRS control, the newly elected Congress government in Telangana has expressed amazement at the state’s financial predicament. Senior Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy, who reviewed the departments of civil supply and irrigation, was interviewed by NDTV’s Uma Sudhir. According to Mr. Reddy, significant disparities were found, and the government has mandated an inquiry to look into the situation more thoroughly.

11-Apple has released iOS 17.2, which includes support for spatial video capture and a new Journal app!

In technology news, the major company Apple has released iOS 17.2, which includes support for spatial video capture and a new Journal app.

12-The Golden Globes 2024 Nominations Are Led by Barbie and Oppenheimer

With the announcement of the Coveted Award nominations, excitement is already building for the renowned Golden Globes, one of the biggest and most prestigious award ceremonies in the entertainment industry. Barbie and Oppenheimer are prominently featured on the recently revealed Golden Globes 2024 Nomination List, as they lead the majority of categories.

Margot Robbie, the lead actress of Barbie, is nominated for best actress in a musical or comedy. Simultaneously, the film’s three songs have been nominated for Best Song Motion Picture. Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, was nominated for best supporting actor.

13-US News: The House Government Will Approve The Biden Impeachment Probe

The formal vote to begin the House of Representatives’ investigation into President Joe Biden’s impeachment is almost here.

In recent weeks, House Speaker Mike Johnson and the Republican leadership group had been debating whether to hold a formal vote to end their months-long investigation into the president.

The investigation has so far concentrated on Hunter Biden and the greater Biden family’s overseas business dealings in nations including Romania, China, and Ukraine, according to Associated Press reporter Farnoush Amiri.

14-As Antarctic ice melts more quickly, scientists warn of potential global repercussions.

Concerns about the worldwide ramifications of the fast acceleration of Antarctic ice loss are being raised by scientists.

Antarctic ice that has been frozen for millions of years is melting due to climate change brought on by human activity and the burning of fossil fuels.

The United Nations reports that the rate of melting is more than three times faster than it was in the early 1990s.

The frozen continent drives important ocean currents and reflects sunlight away, which contributes significantly to climate regulation on Earth.

Experts warn of the worldwide domino effect, which includes rising sea levels, increased temperatures, and shifting ocean currents.

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