Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 14, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 14, 2023

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1-Menstruation Leave Policy: Smriti Irani is against paid leave for women during their periods.

Menstrual leave was the reason Union Minister Smriti Irani silenced RJD MP Manoj Jha in the Rajya Sabha on December 13. Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar jokingly remarked that the RJD MP could need a cough medication for his throat after their chat.

2-Security Vulnerability in Parliament: Delhi Police Files a UAPA Case – Recognized

Wednesday, December 13th, saw a startling security lapse in the Parliament. Two people deftly released colored smoke canisters into the Lok Sabha chamber, while two more people were caught outside for the same crime. Lalit Jha, the fifth suspect, is still at large, while Delhi Police have captured Vicky, the sixth suspect.

Four of the accused, Manoranjan D., Sagar Sharma, Neelam, and Amol Shinde, are currently being charged under the strict Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), according to the most recent sources. Understand everything there is to know about UAPA.

3-Unruly Behavior in the Rajya Sabha: TMC Lawmaker Derek O’Brien Is Suspended for the Whole Winter Session

Citing “disrespectful behavior,” the Rajya Sabha formally passed a motion suspending TMC MP Derek O’Brien for the remainder of the winter session. Watch this space for in-depth reporting on this legislative action.

4- World’s First Case: Man is rushed to the hospital after tearing his windpipe while suppressing a sneeze.

A uncommon windpipe tear that caused excruciating pain and edema occurred to a man who was trying to stifle a sneeze. His two-millimeter tear in his windpipe and surgical emphysema were diagnosed by medical personnel; he recovered without surgery.

5-Rijul Maini, an Indian-American medical student, won the title of Miss India USA 2023!

Come celebrate with us Rijul Maini’s amazing journey as the recently crowned Miss India USA 2023! Discover the incredible accomplishments, dazzling beauty, and inspirational tale that brought her to this esteemed title.

Prepare to be enthralled by her elegance, charm, and unique passion. Explore the world of Rijul Maini and learn what qualities make her the model of grace and power.

6-180 Chinese nationals are deported by the Philippines amid a suspected trafficking operation

180 Chinese nationals are deported by the Philippines during a suspected trafficking operation.

180 Chinese nationals were deported by the Philippines after a raid in Manila revealed a possible online scam and sex-trafficking ring. Almost 600 people, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino nationals, were living in a compound that was discovered during the operation. An supposedly licensed online gaming corporation and sex-related items were discovered during investigations.

7-“Great Response”: Vivek Ramaswamy Is Questioned About Being a Hindu President of the United States. His Retort Wins People Over

The answer Vivek Ramaswamy gave when asked how the United States could tolerate a Hindu president is suddenly going viral. At the CNN town hall, he was challenged. According to what my faith teaches, everyone of us is here for a reason, and it is our moral obligation to fulfill that reason.

The U.S. presidential contender stated, “That although God manifests Himself in everyone of us in various ways, we are nonetheless equal because God lives in each of us. Many online praised Ramaswamy’s opinions, stating that it was a great response. Observe.

8-Australian Cricket Player Prohibited From Donning “Pro-Palestine Shoes”; Usman Khawaja Presents

During the test match against Pakistan, Usman Khawaja, an Australian cricket player, mounted a silent protest. Khawaja showed support for the civilians lost in the Gaza conflict by donning a black band. He had pro-Gaza slogans etched on his shoes during the training session on December 12. Later, Khawaja received a warning over the matter from Cricket Australia in a statement. To learn more, watch this.

9-During the investigation, the accused Parliament breach knew where to hide the smoke cans.

Updates on the Parliament Security Breach: Manoranjan D, a Mysuru resident, discovered a critical weakness in the security system of the legislature months before he leaped into the Lok Sabha chamber brandishing a smoke-colored canister. He and his friend, Sagar Sharma, took advantage of this weakness to cause mayhem in the House yesterday.

Police sources claim that Manoranjan admitted during interrogation that he was there for the Budget session at the former parliament building. This was a reconnaissance trip to learn about the security measures put in place. He discovered on this visit that although people visiting the parliament are frisked several times, their shoes are not examined.

10-Aditya Roy Talks About Dating Ananya, Arjun Kapoor And Malaika’s Wedding Plans, and The 5 Finest Moments Of KWK8 Ep 8

Koffee With Karan, the popular show hosted by Karan Johar, returns with a thrilling new episode from season eight that will delight viewers. Fans of Bollywood love this show because it has B-town actors who openly discuss their personal lives and careers. Aditya Roy Kapur and Kartik Aaryan, two endearing actors, graced Karan Johar’s show on this episode.

With Aditya Roy in the house, Ananya Panday is too important to ignore. The actor blushed when the subject was raised and gave answers to queries concerning reactions to his sexy persona other than his acting prowess. Arjun Kapoor, on the other hand, revealed details about his wedding plans with girlfriend Malaika Arora and was candid about his romantic mishaps and box office disappointments.

11-A Look Inside Bollywood Stars’ Christmas Getaways

Bollywood is experiencing a Christmas cheer as stars begin their festive preparations early and treat fans to glimpses on social media. As the holidays approach, celebrities like Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Kiara Advani, and Parineeti Chopra are wishing their fans a happy holiday season and sharing a glimpse of their personal celebrations.

A Sneak peek at Priyanka Chopra’s Christmas preparations has also been provided. Soni Razdan, the mother of Alia Bhatt, has added to the festive mood by posting sweet photos of the Bhatt and Kapoor families celebrating Christmas on Instagram.

12-Stephen Flynn, the leader of the SNP, queries Rishi Sunak about a Christmas message for the children in Gaza.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain was questioned by SNP leader Stephen Flynn in Westminster on the UK’s decision to abstain from a UN resolution that demanded an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. With 23 abstaining, 10 voting against, and 153 countries in favor, the resolution was carried with overwhelming support.

13-Regarding the security breach event, Shashi Tharoor states, “We want the Home Minister to come and speak.”

Congressman Shashi Tharoor expressed concern for the security of his fellow MPs in response to the security breach on December 14. He added that the administration was not treating the situation seriously and recommended that the Home Minister address the parliament about it.

The MPs’ issue is that they believe the government is not giving this issue enough attention.The highest accountable level of the government needs to communicate with us. Congress Member Sashi Tharoor stated, “We want the Home Minister to come and speak to the Parliament.”

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