Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 22, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 22, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 22, 2023

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1-Karnataka minister flaunts expensive jet travel in the midst of the drought crisis; Congress is criticized by the BJP

The Bharatiya Janata BJP attacked Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and state minister Zameer Ahmed Khan on Friday amid the Congress’ crowdfunding campaign. The BJP said that the two leaders are traveling on a “private jet” as their party is soliciting donations.

Amit Malviya, a BJP leader, attacked the Karnataka Congress, claiming that on their private jet ride to Delhi to request the release of drought funding from the Central government, the two had “happy moments.”

2-An Indian Navy chopper delivers 3.2 tons of humanitarian supplies to communities devastated by flooding in Tamil Nadu.

South Tamil Nadu’s towns and villages have been inundated by heavy rains. To save stranded residents, locals and crisis response organizations have mobilized resources. In the state’s flood-affected districts, Indian Navy helicopters are doing relief operations and airdropping aid.

3-Ram temple dedication: As the city gets ready, a laser and light show enhances Ayodhya’s beauty.

Ayodhya (UP): In order to make the “grand” consecration event of the Ram Temple unforgettable, the authorities there are doing all within their power. On December 21, there was a laser and illumination performance as part of this series for Ayodhya’s beautification.

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister Yogi visited the Ram Temple building site. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will open the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22.

4- Actor Vin Diesel of “Fast and Furious” filed a lawsuit alleging that his former aide had assaulted him.

The film industry has been surprised to learn of some unsettling news from Hollywood. Vin Diesel, the actor of “Fast and Furious,” is accused of serious assault. Diesel’s former assistant, Astra Jonasson, filed a complaint in Los Angeles on Thursday, alleging that the actor assaulted her while they were employed together in 2010.

5-U.S. News: A Divisive Luxury Christmas Wishlist Initiates Discussion!

Cracking the Mysterious Christmas Wishlist: MacBook, AirPods, iPhone, and More! Join the conversation as we explore the contentious issues underlying this excessive wishlist for the holidays. Is it merely a holiday wish list or a case of materialism? Comment below with your ideas!

6-Kamya Jani: The contentious visit of the Curly Tales influencer to the Jagannath Temple in Odisha

When a video of social media personality Kamiya Jani and BJD leader VK Pandian at the Jagannath shrine went viral, a scandal started. The Odisha BJP protested, claiming that Jani, who is well-known for pushing beef, was allowed entry to the hallowed site.

BJP accused Pandian of disdaining the sanctity of the temple and urged judicial action. In an Instagram post, Jani disputed the assertion that she was promoting beef and emphasized her goal of showcasing Indian culture around the world. The episode highlights the conflict between social media impact and religious sentiments, leading to divergent opinions on the subject.

7-Tom Curran Could Lose All Four Matches Due to BBL Umpire Intimidation

Tom Curran, an English player with the Sydney Sixers in the Big Basin League, received a four-match suspension for threatening an umpire in a pre-game exercise. Cricket Australia filed a code of conduct violation charge following the incident, which was captured on camera.

Curran did not plead guilty; however, he was convicted guilty, and the Sydney Sixers announced that they intended to file a strong appeal. The episode calls attention to the thin line that separates behavior from competition and has prompted an examination of the events that led to the ban.

8- Russian Prez Polls: Yekaterina Duntsova, a candidate opposed to war, wants to challenge Putin

Yekaterina Duntsova, a former journalist for Russian television, has entered the 2017 presidential race. Officially, the forty-year-old former TV journalist has joined the Russian presidential contest. She became the first candidate to run against Vladimir Putin in the March election after submitting the required paperwork to the Central Electoral Commission.

9- Keep an eye out! How a man was caught at a US airport concealing 17 gunshots in a baby diaper

On Wednesday, there was a startling incident at LaGuardia Airport in New York. As per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), investigators made the strange finding that a disposable baby diaper had seventeen bullets hidden inside of it.

10-As ISRO Prepares for Chandrayaan-4, India Will Have Its Own Space Station By 2040

Space fans are feeling quite strong ahead of ISRO’s upcoming space mission, the Chandrayaan-4. By 2040, India also hopes to launch its own space station, of which the Chandrayaan-4 project is a crucial component. See the video to learn more about the impending mission’s specifics and how it can greatly benefit India’s space program.

11-Brij Bhushan Reacts to Aide’s Victory While Tearful Sakshi Malik Declares Her Will to Give Up Sports

The former President responded to the news shortly after Brij Bhushan aide Sanjay Kumar Singh won the Wrestling Federation of India elections.

12- Joblessnessness Is the Cause of the Parliament Security Breach, says Rahul Gandhi

Nationwide demonstrations against the expulsion of opposition MPs from the Parliament are being organized by the INDIA bloc.

Congressman Rahul Gandhi stated during the Jantar Mantar rally that the December 13 Parliament security breach was caused by unemployment.

According to Gandhi, two or three young people leaped into the Parliament and started to emit smoke. He said that the BJP MPs fled at this point.

13-Prabhas fans dance to “Jiyo Re Baahubali” outside theaters and cheer for Salaar.

When the Prabhas-starring film Salaar: Part 1-Ceasefire finally opens in theaters, fans can’t contain their excitement. This movie is Prabhas’ first project with KGF fame director Prashanth Neel. A Sizable Crowd Forme Outside The Theaters To Witness The First-Day Premiere of This Much Anticipated Movie.

A sizable gathering was observed outside Hyderabad’s renowned Sandhya Theatre to commemorate the premiere of Prabhas’ movie. As they celebrated the release of Salaar, fans were seen carrying banners and posters of their favorite stars and dancing to the tunes of Prabhas’ songs. There was a large cutout of the Salaar Star visible at the venue, and the area was well decorated with lights and other elements.

14-Salaar vs. Dunki: Which Is Better? | Reviews of Salaar and Dunki | Comparison of Salaar and Dunki

Dunki starring Shah Rukh Khan or Salaar starring Prabhas: which movie would you want to see this weekend? Shubra Gupta, a film critic for Indian Express, has a favorite, but she also notes that the trend of tentpole movies with overly muscular leads is set to stay.

She also discusses why Shah Rukh Khan’s career may be ending with this movie and what went wrong with Dunki.

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