Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-January 14, 2024

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-January 14, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-January 14, 2024

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“Rahul Gandhi’s Electoral March: The Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra Begins in Manipur”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Thoubal, Manipur, ahead of the 2024 General Elections. The event, constrained by the state government to an hour and 3000 participants, aims to engage with the public amidst Manipur’s ethnic tensions, promoting justice and constitutional values.

“Taiwan’s New Leader: Lai Ching-te’s Victory Amid China’s Disapproval”

Taiwan elects Lai Ching-te as President, who is viewed skeptically by China due to his perceived separatist stance. Despite facing China’s disapproval and increased military presence near Taiwan, Lai, with his medical background and humble beginnings, seeks amicable relations while taking office.

“Diplomatic Strife: Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu on India Tensions”

Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu publicly addresses sovereignty concerns amid a diplomatic row with India. The dispute, triggered by comments on PM Modi’s Lakshadweep visit, prompted Muizzu to assert the Maldives’ stance against external ‘bullying’.

“Kangana Ranaut’s Mystery Date: Spotted with an Unidentified Companion”

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut was recently seen in a chic blue dress, hand-in-hand with an unidentified foreign man, sparking curiosity and rumors about her personal life.

“Indian Army’s Heroic Avalanche Rescue in Harsh Winters”

Demonstrating exceptional skills, the Indian Army conducted a successful avalanche rescue operation in Gulmarg’s snowy terrain. Integrating K9 units and ski patrols, they braved extreme weather to ensure personnel safety, showcasing their preparedness for winter emergencies.

“Ayodhya’s Eco-Friendly Initiative: Pink Autos for Ram Mandir Visitors”

In anticipation of the Ram Mandir inauguration, Ayodhya introduces female-driven electric pink autos. This initiative, promoting a pollution-free environment, will facilitate devotee transport during the religious festivities and will be inaugurated by Yogi Adityanath.

“Star-Studded Affair: Ira Khan’s Wedding Reception Draws Bollywood’s Elite”

The Mumbai wedding reception of Ira Khan and Nupur Shikare was a glamorous event, attended by Bollywood luminaries such as Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Rekha, showcasing the industry’s close-knit community.

“US Billboards Light Up for Ram Mandir’s Inauguration”

In a unique display of faith, over 40 billboards featuring the Ram Mandir have been erected across 10 US states. This initiative by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Hindu community in the US celebrates the temple’s inauguration and spreads awareness of the event internationally.

“Celebrity Gala: Aamir Khan’s Daughter Ira Khan’s Grand Wedding Reception”

Ira Khan’s wedding reception was a grand affair attended by a who’s who of Bollywood, cricketers, politicians, and the Ambanis, highlighting the event’s high profile and the blend of glamour and power in Indian celebrity circles.

The Vivid US Car Rally Attempts to Celebrate the Coming Consecration of New Ayodhya Ram Temple in India.

The people of Indian in the United States organized a huge car rally at Edison, New Jersey to show their happiness for coming consecration ceremony on Ram temple which was occurring in Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh. There were more than 350 cars participating in the event, and community members carried flags of Lord Ram. The rally in turn mirrored the increasing anticipation for temple opening at some point this month.

“PM Modi’s Pongal Celebration in Delhi: A Shawl to a Young Singer”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated Pongal by visiting celebrations at the Union Minister L Murugan’s home in Delhi. He attended a cultural show, and as an added touch of kindness; he gave his shawl to the young classical singer who sang during this event. The moment has been seen in a video where the singer pays his respect to Modi by first touching foot before receiving shawl.

Tense Confrontation: CEO Suchana Seth and Husband of Bengaluru Meet for Son’s Death.

The accused Suchana Seth met her estranged husband Venkat at a police station in Goa and they had tense 15 minutes face-off. In the course of their painful divorce, however, the conference became one argument. Suchana might have caused harm to their son by way of an outburst which arose from the child’s wanting to see his father, thought Venkat.

“Ram Temple Progress: L&T Releases Construction Timeline Video”

As the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is set to have its consecration ceremony on January 22, 2024 with L&T has shared a timeline video of temple’s construction. This is after the laying of foundation stone three years ago by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The occasion, catering to more than 7000 invited guests who include high dignitaries will be a memorable landmark in the temple history.

Rahul Gandhi Starts Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra From Manipur

The Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is led by the leader of Congress Rahul Gandhi and begins from Thoubal, Manipur. The campaign will encompass a yatra covering 6,700 kilometers spread over the course of 67 days and spanning across 110 districts symbolizing unity for justice in entire country.

“Odisha gears up for Sri Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor inauguration. “

And on January 17, Puri in Odisha will welcome the inauguration of Sri Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor project. This project strives to increase the visual integrity of the area surrounding this iconic Jagannath Temple. The coronation is only days away, to be followed by the inauguration.

“In the Iowa Caucus Race, Trump Criticizes Vivek Ramaswamy”.

However, President Trump publicly attacked his rival in the Iowa caucus Vivek Ramaswamy calling upon voters

not to “throw his vote away” and stating that Ramaswamy has nothing in common with the MAGA movement. Even in the coldest temperatures and with decreased turnouts, tensions rose between them as Trump claimed Ramaswamy used deceptive strategies. This came after a controversial picture emerged, leaving Trump doubting Ramaswamy’s allegiance and demands for a republican contingency plan.

“Dramatic Reunion: The CEO of Bengaluru and husband fought over the death of their son.

In a heated 15 minute meeting at the Calangute police station, Suchana Seth came head-to-head with her estranged husband Venkat Raman over their son’s untimely death. Raman blamed Seth for the murder, while she vociferously denied it and accused him in return. The tense confrontation pointed to the intricacy of their legal and personal struggles.

“Rahul Gandhi Takes PM to Task for Overlooking Manipur in Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.”

The nationwide Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra was launched by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from Thoubal district in Manipur at the Nyay Maidan, thereby expressing dissatisfaction over prime minister’s non-attendance on this visit. The yatrahaving a unique unveiling of the bus is aimed at getting justice.

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