Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 18, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 18, 2024

Bishop Forgives His Attacker After Stabbing Incident

An Assyrian church bishop in Sydney expressed forgiveness for his attacker after being stabbed during a service. He is recovering quickly while authorities intensify investigations into related riots.

Historic Rainfall Causes Flight Cancellations in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates experienced its heaviest rainfall since 1949, causing major disruptions at Dubai Airport. Several flights, including those of Air India and IndiGo, were canceled due to the severe weather.

Widespread 911 Outage Affects Multiple US States

Several states, including South Dakota and Nevada, experienced a 911 outage. The issue was resolved quickly, ensuring that emergency services remained accessible.

Volcano Eruption Raises Tsunami Fears in Indonesia

Mount Ruang in Indonesia erupted, leading to evacuation warnings over potential tsunami threats. The ash cloud reached over a mile high, showcasing the area’s seismic risk.

AI Aircraft Detects Missiles Targeted at Israel

An AI-equipped aircraft worth £800 million successfully detected and provided data on Iranian missile threats against Israel, highlighting its advanced technological capabilities.

Uncapped Players Shine in IPL 2024

The 2024 IPL has seen notable performances from several uncapped Indian players, making significant impacts in their respective teams.

India’s ‘Election King’ Prepares for Another Loss

K Padmarajan, known for contesting and losing numerous elections, is running again in two seats for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, continuing his unique electoral journey.

CM Predicts Minimal BJP Success in South India

Telangana’s Chief Minister forecasts that the BJP will win fewer than 15 seats in South India, despite concentrated efforts to gain support in the region.

Kejriwal Faces Health and Legal Challenges in Jail

Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, faces accusations of indulging in sweets while incarcerated on corruption charges, complicating his bail appeal.

Young Assamese Girl Teaches English on Social Media

Varanya Borbora, a 9-year-old from Assam, has gained a massive following by teaching English with an American accent on social media.

Details Emerge in Salman Khan Shooting Incident

Police arrested a suspect linked to the Salman Khan shooting, revealing that the shooters were promised a financial reward to intimidate, not harm, the actor.

Indians Featured on Time’s 100 Most Influential List

Prominent Indians, including Alia Bhatt and Satya Nadella, have been named in Time’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2024.

Canada Hikes Taxes on the Wealthy

Canada’s new federal budget increases taxes on the wealthy to bolster social welfare programs and regain support from younger voters.

Raj Kundra’s Assets Seized in Bitcoin Scam Probe

The Enforcement Directorate seized nearly ₹100 crore worth of Raj Kundra’s properties linked to a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

US Supports UN Security Council Reform

The US reaffirms support for United Nations reforms, including changes to the Security Council, reflecting 21st-century global dynamics.

Delhi Capitals Secure a Quick Win in IPL

Delhi Capitals beat Gujarat Titans by six wickets, achieving the target in just 8.5 overs in the IPL 2024 match.

Ravi Kishan’s Family Drama Escalates

Actor-politician Ravi Kishan’s wife filed an FIR against a woman claiming to be his second wife, who threatened the family demanding ₹20 crore.

Tips for First-Time Voters in Lok Sabha Elections

First-time voters in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are encouraged to be well-prepared and informed as they participate in this pivotal democratic process.

Unprecedented Rainfall Cripples Dubai

Dubai was submerged under a record amount of rainfall, significantly disrupting daily life and operations at Dubai International Airport.

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