Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- Nov 12, 2022

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- Nov 12, 2022

1-The Telangana PM Issues A Warning: “I Get 2-3 Kilos Of Gaali every day But…”

Without identifying him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao today, accusing him of corruption and dynasty politics.

Government must put “people first, not family first,” he declared.

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2-Shah Rukh Khan Was Stopped At The Mumbai Airport But Later Permitted To Leave

Actor Shah Rukh Khan reportedly had some pricey watches in his luggage when he and those with him were checked by the Customs Department at Mumbai Airport yesterday night.

Sources said that before being permitted to depart the airport, he had to pay a customs duty of Rs 6.83 lakh.

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3-Video: Walking through this airport terminal in Bengaluru is like strolling through a park

The new infrastructural building at the Bengaluru airport includes 10,235 sqm of green walls and is known as the “Terminal in a Garden.”

Around the terminal, 620 endemic plants and more than 3,600 plant species have been planted.

The vegetation inside the terminal will be like nothing passengers have ever seen before.

T2 is an exquisitely designed building with art and décor centred on two themes: Karnataka’s rich heritage and culture and the Naurasa or “nine emotions” of Bharata’s Natayshastra.

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4-Telangana needs a government that puts “people first, not family first,” according to PM Modi

The Prime Minister travelled to South India for two days before arriving in Telangana on Saturday, November 12.

Speaking to BJP members in Hyderabad, the Prime Minister criticised the Telangana government, alleging that all of its decisions were influenced by superstition.

He said, in an apparent dig at CM KCR, “Telangana’s residents demand that politics come before family.

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5-Nalini Sriharan, a convict in the Rajiv Gandhi case, on being freed: “It’s A New Life”

One of the six murder suspects in the death of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who was released on Saturday as a result of a Supreme Court decision,

Nalini Sriharan, said it was a new life for her and added that she would not be entering public life.

6-When Sachin was frustrated that he didn’t get a photo in the newspapers

During a conversation at the 20th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Sachin Tendulkar recalled receiving his first media attention after hitting a century at the age of 12.

According to Sachin, his picture wasn’t included in the news story when it was published.

The 12-year-old Sachin was pretty irate as a result. Watch this exchange to find out what happens next.

7-Viswanathan Anand’s candid discussion about chess cheating, “Need procedure that works”

At the 20th annual Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand spoke candidly about chess cheating.

Anand claims he occasionally feels overly trusting or naive. He continued by saying that he maintains an open mind but that commissions are working to investigate the situation.

Watch Viswanathan Anand discuss the scandal involving cheating.

8- Ram Charan and Akshay on Bollywood movies’ poor box office performance

Superstars Ram Charan and Akshay Kumar weigh in on the hotly contested North vs. South box office battle

. According to Akshay Kumar, Bollywood has to reconsider and create a new formula for movies.

Ram thinks that strong content will be enough to draw audiences to theatres.

9-Shruti Haasan Declares in an Exclusive Interview That “We Are Quite Self-Sufficient As Women”

Watch Shruti Haasan and her mother Sarika talk openly with Rajdeep Sardesai on the programme “India Today, India Tomorrow.”

10-Rahul Gandhi, a Congressman, may forego the winter session of parliament because of the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Congressman Rahul Gandhi would likely skip the upcoming Winter Session of Parliament in order to focus on the impending general election, according to party general secretary Jairam Ramesh on Saturday “Hindustan Jodo Yatra.

Congressman Rahul Gandhi “would not be skipping Bharat Jodo Yatra,” according to Jairam Ramesh, and it is doubtful that he will go to the impending winter session of Parliament.

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