Priyanka Chopra Jonas had announced long ago that she will be portraying the role of Ma Anand Sheela, in her biopic. For those living under the rock, Ma Anand Sheela was the right hand of Bhagwan Rajneesh or Osho and the duo was involved in the biggest bioterror attack in Oregon. The two hailed from India and were quite controversial during their peak days.

Ma Anand Sheela’s biopic starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas to have a digital release!

While there weren’t any details out about the project, the word is that this Barry Levinson directed project will release on Amazon. The film has been titled as Sheela and Priyanka Chopra Jonas had announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson had approached her for the project and she is super excited for it.

Ma Anand Sheela was Osho’s personal secretary through 1981-1985 and became the word of the town after Wild, Wild Country, a docuseries was released on Netflix.

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