Maamla Legal Hai Web Series Review!” (Netflix)

Maamla Legal Hai Web Series Review: A Courtroom Drama

Movie Name: Maamla Legal Hai
Release Date: March 1, 2024
Cast: Ravi Kishan, Naila Grewal, Nidhi Bisht, Anath Joshi, Yashpal Sharma, Amith Vikram Pandey
Director: Rahul Pandey
Producer: Amith Golani – Biswapathi
Music: Not Available
Banner: Posham Pa Pictures

Starring Ravi Kishan in the lead role, “Maamla Legal Hai” presents itself as a courtroom drama that began streaming on Netflix from the 1st of March, 2024. The series, spread over 8 episodes, failed to deliver the expected level of humor.

Ravi Kishan, a well-known name among the audiences of Hindi and Bhojpuri cinema, made his Tollywood debut with “Race Gurram” and became familiar to the audience through other movies like “Kick 2”, “Bruce Lee”, and “Supreme”. “Maamla Legal Hai”, where he plays a significant role, is a court-room comedy drama available in 8 episodes on Netflix starting from this month.

The series follows Tyagi (played by Ravi Kishan), an advocate in the district court of “Patparganj”, Delhi, whose father served as a judge. Tyagi is determined to succeed in life on his own merits, without leveraging his father’s name. He harbors a strong desire to advance quickly by making use of whoever and whatever he can.

In “Patparganj”, every lawyer eagerly waits for a new case. As soon as someone steps into the court premises, they are swarmed by lawyers. Apart from their legal work, they often engage in time-pass activities for commissions.

Sujata, who works at a parking space, dreams of sitting in her own chamber one day. Another senior lawyer, Munshi, wishes for the recognition deserving of his seniority.

Into this setting arrives Ananya, a young lawyer starting her career, who quickly wants to earn a good reputation by winning her first case as soon as possible. However, she is surprised to see that most people there are more interested in commissions than in handling cases. Ananya, coming from a well-off family with a lineage of lawyers, is treated with respect but kept at a distance because she isn’t interested in the commission-based work. Amidst these circumstances, Ananya forms a good friendship with Vishwas, the court manager. However, Vishwas’s fiancee, Varsha, misunderstands their relationship.

Amidst this backdrop, the election frenzy for the Delhi Bar Association President begins, with Tyagi ambitiously participating. The attempts and efforts related to the election are part of the storyline. Ananya, observing the disparity between what she studied and the real-life courtroom scenarios, finds herself pondering. What happens next? Does Ananya get her first case? Does Tyagi win the Bar Association elections? Does Sujata’s dream of having her own chamber come true? These series of elements add intrigue to the narrative.

Directed by Rahul Pandey, this series, while predominantly humorous, occasionally touches on emotions. The story, mostly unfolding within the court premises, humorously reveals the characters, their weaknesses, and the cases they deal with, based on local issues. The director has attempted to stay as close to realism as possible.

Primarily revolving around Tyagi, Ananya, Sujata, and Vishwas, the story integrates comedy more in the form of farce than genuine humor, with attempts at laughter succeeding only occasionally.

Many scenes might feel overdone and can induce impatience. By the climax, each character of the web series reaches a satisfying conclusion.

This humor-centric series lacks any significant twists and follows a straightforward narrative. Given the setting is predominantly in a courtroom, there isn’t much to say about cinematography or editing. The natural performances of the main cast stand out as a strong point.

The series highlights that ambition affects life, not in terms of status but in the development of character. Despite its message of striving for success through personal integrity rather than influence, “Maamla Legal Hai” has reportedly fallen short of captivating the audience to the expected degree.

Maamla Legal Hai Web Series Review!

Maamla Legal Hai Web Series Review!

FAQs on “Maamla Legal Hai”

1-What is “Maamla Legal Hai” about?

Ans-“Maamla Legal Hai” is a courtroom comedy drama featuring Ravi Kishan as Tyagi, an ambitious lawyer, set in Delhi’s district court of Patparganj.

2-Who stars in the lead role of “Maamla Legal Hai”?

Ans-Ravi Kishan, known for his work in Hindi and Bhojpuri cinema, plays the lead role of Tyagi.

3-How many episodes does “Maamla Legal Hai” have?

The series consists of 8 episodes.

4-Where can I watch “Maamla Legal Hai”?

It is available for streaming on Netflix starting from March 1st, 2024.

5-Did “Maamla Legal Hai” meet the audience’s expectations?

Ans-The series failed to deliver the expected level of humor, according to reviews.

6-What is the main theme of “Maamla Legal Hai”?

It revolves around the life of Tyagi, an advocate determined to succeed on his own merits, amidst the comedic and often farcical happenings within a courtroom setting.

7-Are there any notable themes in “Maamla Legal Hai”?

Yes, the series touches on ambition, integrity, and the disparity between academic law and real-life courtroom scenarios.

8-Who directed “Maamla Legal Hai”?

Rahul Pandey is the director of the series.

9-What kind of humor does “Maamla Legal Hai” aim for?

Ans-The humor is more farcical, with attempts at laughter succeeding only occasionally.

10-Does “Maamla Legal Hai” offer any significant twists or complex cinematography?

Ans-No, it lacks significant twists and primarily focuses on straightforward storytelling with natural performances, set mostly within a courtroom.


“Maamla Legal Hai” attempts to blend courtroom drama with comedy, offering an insider’s look at the legal world through the eyes of its quirky characters. Despite its ambition and a strong cast led by Ravi Kishan, the series struggles to consistently engage, with humor that hits the mark only sporadically. Viewer discretion is advised, as personal tastes in humor and storytelling may vary.

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