Market Mahalakshmi Movie Review (Aha)

Market Mahalakshmi Movie Review: A Struggle Between Tradition and Love

Movie Name: Market Mahalakshmi
Release Date: 2024-07-04
Cast: Parvateesam, Praneekanvika, Harshavardhan, Kedar Shankar, Mukku Avinash, Basha
Director: Mukkhesh
Producer: Akhilesh Kalaru
Music: Joe Enmav
Banner: B2P Studios


In recent times, audiences have shown that they care more about content than the size of a film. Whether a movie is a small or a big production doesn’t matter as long as it’s good.

As a result, many small films are gaining prominence on the Telugu screen. One such film is “Market Mahalakshmi,” which was released in theaters in April and is now available on Aha.

Parvateesam (played by Parvateesam) is a middle-class young man living with his parents and a sister. He works at a software company in Hyderabad.

His father (Kedar Shankar) has high hopes for a hefty dowry from his son’s marriage, aiming for at least a crore rupees.

However, Parvateesam rejects all the prospective brides his father suggests.

Parvateesam meets Mahalakshmi at a vegetable market, where she sells vegetables.

She is a strong-willed woman feared by many vendors due to her no-nonsense attitude and her involvement in running chits (a form of savings and loan system).

Her father is bedridden due to a stroke, and her brother Krishna (Basha) is an alcoholic, making Mahalakshmi the family’s sole breadwinner.

Upon seeing Mahalakshmi, Parvateesam instantly falls for her and confesses his love, only to be slapped by her.

Undeterred, he frequents the market, eventually setting up a shop next to hers under the pretense of working from home, just to be close to her.

He slowly wins her over, and she agrees to marry him with the condition that she will not move into his family’s home and will continue to take care of her own family.

This puts Parvateesam in a dilemma: how to explain this to his dowry-expecting father and his traditional mother? The rest of the story revolves around how Parvateesam navigates these challenges and whether Mahalakshmi will ever move in with his family.


Market Mahalakshmi” is a story centered around a simple yet meaningful plot: the clash between a father’s dowry expectations and a son’s desire to marry a hardworking, independent woman.

The narrative unfolds between two families and a bustling vegetable market, giving viewers the feeling of being right in the middle of the market themselves.

Parvateesam’s character has marriage proposals from well-off families and educated girls but insists on marrying Mahalakshmi, a vegetable seller.

He values her hard work and courage, unlike the sheltered lives of other prospective brides. The movie subtly contrasts the lives of those who grow up in adversity with those who don’t.

Praneekanvika, who plays Mahalakshmi, is not quite fitting for the mass role she portrays. Her short height and short dresses do not align well with the typical market-seller image.

Additionally, her lack of natural body language associated with such a role weakens her character’s believability.

Despite these casting issues, the film attempts to deliver some humor and a minor message towards the end.

The film’s technical aspects, such as Surendra’s cinematography, Srujan’s background score, and Viswanath’s editing, are average.

The story’s lack of strong logic and weak narrative make it less impactful.

Market Mahalakshmi Movie Review
Market Mahalakshmi Movie Trailer

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