Chandrababu Naidu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneswari launches ‘Nijam Gelvali’ yatra.

Chandrababu Naidu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneswari launches ‘Nijam Gelvali’ yatra.

Unveiling of ‘Nijam Gelvali’ Odyssey by Nara Bhuvaneswari, Consort of Chandrababu Naidu


Nara Bhuvaneswari, an appellation echoing through the political amphitheater of Andhra Pradesh, is not merely the spouse of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) luminary and erstwhile Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. Her recent foray into the political tempest, post her husband’s detention, has catapulted her into a vortex of notoriety. The apprehension of N. Chandrababu Naidu on corruption-tinted allegations has jolted the political tableau of the state, leaving many in a state of disquietude and despondency.

Yatra of “Nijam Gelavali”

With a resolve to be the harbinger of solace and justice, Nara Bhuvaneswari embarked on a crusade christened “Nijam Gelavali”, symbolizing the maxim “truth should prevail”. The aegis of this yatra unfurled within the Chandragiri constituency, marking a significant milestone in her campaign against the alleged political vendetta.

Paying Homage to Bereaved Kin

The voyage, steered by the shockwaves emanating from Naidu’s arrest, included sojourns to families ensnared in the gloom of losing a beloved. The focal point of her visit was the household of A. Praveen Reddy, who succumbed to grief following the news of Naidu’s incarceration. Nara Bhuvaneswari’s benedictions, coupled with a pecuniary offering of Rs 3 lakh, epitomized her empathy and steadfastness in bolstering individuals ensnared in trying circumstances.

Public Discourse

The populace’s reaction to Nara Bhuvaneswari’s endeavor has bifurcated; whilst some extol her perspicacity, others are probing the political imperatives of the campaign. Conversely, the opposition conjectures this to be a stratagem to court the masses to their cause.

Political Reprisal

At the core of this tumult lies the allegations of an “unlawful” arrest and the concomitant political vendetta. According to TDP, this arrest is a subterfuge aimed at eroding the party’s bastion and reshaping the political topography of the state.

Community Solidarity

A myriad of individuals have manifested their solidarity with Naidu, showcasing the extensive support for him. This camaraderie underscores the collective crusade for justice and accentuates the quintessence of community backing in tumultuous times.

Analyzing the Skill Development Corporation Case

The custodial bound of Naidu, tethered to the Skill Development Corporation conundrum, is the prime mover of this political maelstrom. The societal and political echelons remain on tenterhooks as the legal and political ramifications of the case are yet to fully unfurl.

Stance of TDP

The TDP has been vociferous in its endorsement of Naidu and has sworn to retaliate against the purported injustices through all available stratagems. Both adherents and antagonists are keenly surveilling the party’s maneuvering through this political tempest.


Leading the ‘Nijam Gelavali’ Yatra, Nara Bhuvaneswari is not merely voicing a political dissent against the alleged vendetta but is also orchestrating a journey of consolation. The unfolding events, post Naidu’s detention, are sketching a convoluted tableau of Andhra Pradesh politics, stationed at a pivotal juncture, with the ensuing public and political reverberations.


1-What underpins the significance of ‘Nijam Gelavali’ Yatra, and what does it signify?

Nara Bhuvaneswari initiated the ‘Nijam Gelavali’ Yatra, translating to ‘truth should prevail’, as a conduit to assuage families bereaved by the shockwaves following her spouse N. Chandrababu Naidu’s detention. The Yatra is emblematic of a quest to redress injustices and unveil what the Telugu Desam Party perceives as a political vendetta against Naidu. This gesture is a conduit to engage with the community and reassure them of TDP’s support amidst adversities.

2-What has been the public reaction to Bhuvaneswari’s endeavor?

Public sentiment is polarized. Many laud Nara Bhuvaneswari’s compassion and foresight, viewing it as a genuine exhibition of solidarity. Others, primarily the opposition, deem it a political gambit to woo electorates to TDP’s side amidst the ongoing legal skirmish encircling Naidu.

3-How has TDP responded to Naidu’s detention?

TDP has vehemently denounced Naidu’s apprehension, branding it a politically tainted ‘unlawful’ act. They are resolute in galvanizing their cadres and the public to clamor for justice against the alleged misdeeds. The ‘Nijam Gelavali’ Yatra is perceived as a medium to spotlight the issue and stir public sentiment.

4-Can you elucidate on the Skill Development Corporation case and its gravity?

The legal entanglement of the Skill Development Corporation issue culminated in N. Chandrababu Naidu’s detention. Despite the case’s intricacies and implications remaining nebulous, it has vaulted into the limelight of Andhra Pradesh’s political discourse. Its gravity lies in its potential to alter the political climate of the state, impacting not only Naidu’s political trajectory but also the broader political discourse.

5-What are the political ramifications for Andhra Pradesh post this narrative?

The political landscape in Andhra Pradesh has become more turbulent following Naidu’s incarceration and the ensuing political manoeuvres like as the ‘Nijam Gelavali’ Yatra. They draw attention to the state’s intense political climate and long-standing rivalries. Long-term effects on voter opinion, party affiliations, and maybe the state’s legislative agenda are anticipated from this drama. In Andhra Pradesh politics, it has also rekindled discussions about justice, political vengeance, and the rule of law.

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