Pawan Kalyan Promotes Clay Ganesh Idols for a Greener Vinayaka Chavithi

As the festival of Vinayaka Chavithi approaches, AP Environment Minister Pawan Kalyan has urged everyone to worship clay Ganesh idols.

Today, environmental enthusiast and natural farming expert Vijay Ram visited Minister Pawan Kalyan at his residence in Mangalagiri and discussed several issues with him.

On this occasion, Pawan Kalyan emphasized that the upcoming Vinayaka Chavithi festival should see the worship of clay Ganesh idols, which would benefit the environment and help reduce water pollution.

He stressed the need to raise awareness among people about the benefits of worshipping clay Ganesh idols.

He also revealed that arrangements have been made to ensure that only clay Ganesh idols are used in his constituency of Pithapuram.

Additionally, he mentioned that prasadam (offerings) in temples is currently being given in butter paper covers, but experts recommend reducing the use of butter paper.

Instead, he suggested using small palm leaf baskets and leaf-made containers, which are easier to manage in terms of waste disposal.

Plans are being made to implement this experimentally in the temples of the Pithapuram constituency.

Furthermore, during his visit, natural farming expert Vijay Ram discussed necessary measures to reduce plastic usage and shared his thoughts on using environmentally friendly materials.

He also showcased various types of rice grown through natural farming methods, such as Govind Bhog, Ratna Chodi, and Mappillai Samba, to Pawan Kalyan.

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