Review of Dil Dosti Dilemma (Amazon Prime) Web Series

Review of Dil Dosti Dilemma: Exploring Love and Relationships

Movie Name: Dil Dosti Dilemma
Release Date: 2024-06-25
Cast: Anushka Sen, Shruti Seth, Khalid Siddiqui, Shishir Sharma, Tanvi Azmi, Revathi Pillai
Director: Debbie Rao
Producer: Jahanara Bhargava
Music: Sid Paul

The Telugu version of ‘Dil Dosti Dilemma’ falls under the romantic comedy-drama genre. Directed by Debbie Rao, who skillfully touches on love stories from various angles, the screenplay stands out as a significant strength, offering content that appeals to family audiences.


Amidst a sea of thrillers on OTT platforms, ‘Dil Dosti Dilemma’ brings a refreshing romantic comedy-drama to the audience. Starring Anushka Sen in the lead role, the series, directed by Debbie Rao, debuted on Amazon Prime on April 25th.

The Telugu version has recently been made available. Comprising seven episodes, let’s explore how this series fares.

Set in Bangalore, the story revolves around Asmara (Anushka Sen), a modern young woman from a wealthy family.

Her family includes her parents and a brother who lives in Canada. They plan to visit him, and Asmara informs her close friends Tania (Elisha) and Naina (Revathi Pillai) about her trip to Canada.

During this period, Asmara’s grandmother Farida (Tanvi Azmi) visits her. Asmara introduces Farida to her friends as a close family member rather than her grandmother, which hurts Farida.

When Asmara’s mother finds out, she scolds Asmara and insists that she stay with her grandmother until they return from Canada, to learn the value of family bonds.

Farida lives in a slum area, and Asmara’s parents leave her there while they go to Canada. Adjusting to the cramped, old house without modern amenities proves challenging for Asmara. Despite telling her friends she is in Canada,

Asmara struggles to adapt to her new environment. Her behavior puzzles her grandparents, yet they try to accommodate her.

Asmara discovers that a builder plans to demolish the area to construct a high-rise building, causing distress among the residents.

During this time, she meets Farzan (Kush Jotwani), and their acquaintance gradually turns into love. She also learns that Farzan’s sister Rukhsana (Vaishakh Pandey) loves Sohail (Ritik), a neighbor.

Among her friends, Naina falls in love with Amran, and Tania with Dhruv. The series portrays their romantic journeys alongside Asmara’s. Asmara notices Farzan’s grandmother Akhtar Begum’s reluctance towards her, and understanding the reason behind it surprises her. She feels pained by the residents’ perception of her mother.

What actions does Asmara take next?

How does she clear her mother’s name?

What plans does she devise to ensure justice for the residents?

Will Rukhsana marry her beloved?

What challenges does Asmara face regarding her marriage to Farzan?

What experiences do her friends encounter in their love lives?

These above questions form the rest of the story.

Based on the book ‘Asmara’s Summer’ by Andaleeb Wajid, the series is produced by Seema Mahapatra and Jahanara Bhargava. It narrates the story of a young woman who believes happiness lies only within modern comforts but learns the true meaning of love and relationships from her grandparents.

The screenplay effectively integrates 15 main characters and several minor ones, ensuring seamless transitions and maintaining the audience’s interest.

Although the seven-episode series feels lengthy, the engaging plot prevents it from becoming boring. Unnecessary scenes and characters are absent, and the director’s focus on emotions over romance connects the story well with the audience.

The actors perform naturally, and the dialogues feel authentic. Deep Metkar’s cinematography, Sid Paul’s background score, and Vaishakh Ravi’s editing are commendable.

The series, filled with love stories intertwined with family dynamics, captures the audience’s attention. It blends past and present circumstances impacting these love stories, making the various narrative tracks intriguing and keeping viewers engaged.

With its drama-filled content, it is particularly appealing to family and female audiences.

Review of Dil Dosti Dilemma

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