Innumerable numbers of needy people and children, in the past, have received aid by Salman Khan and his foundation. As a noble gesture, the superstar has now come forward to rebuild Maharashtra’s Khidrapur village, located in Kolhapur district.

Salman Khan adopts Maharashtra's flood-hit village, to rebuild homes of villagers

The village was left devastated after the 2019 floods and all aspects of life including habitation were severely damaged. Salman, along with Gurugram’s Elan Group, has now adopted the village and will be bringing the lives of villagers back to normalcy. He took to social media to wish his allies all the best for the good work. “I wish the ELAN GROUP the very best for their sincere and noble gesture in having adopted, 2019 flood affected Khidrapur village in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. They have adopted the village in Maharashtra to rebuild their homes,” he wrote.

In a statement, Salman said that his heart went out to all the people who lost their homes in the flood, and to ensure that the village is safe from such destructions, one must concentrate on the development of the village.

Earlier, Salman’s organisation Being Human adopted 200 drought-hit villages of Maharashtra and provided 2,500 water tankers, each with a capacity of 2,000 ltr water.

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