Santosh Soban’s ‘Prem Kumar’ Dazzles with Enchanting Song ‘Sundari’!

Santosh Soban’s ‘Prem Kumar’ Dazzles with Enchanting Song ‘Sundari’!

With its hilarious teaser and trailer, Santosh Soban’s eagerly anticipated movie “Prem Kumar” is stirring up excitement among viewers and cinema buffs. As he contributes his vocals to a touching song devoted to a special girl, the actor now assumes a melodic role. The film, billed as a compelling love story, is about to enter theatres. The charming song “Sundari” has a lyrical video that was just released by the movie’s creators, setting the atmosphere for a musical feast.

The excellent music director S. Anant Sreekar is responsible for the soulful composition for “Sundari,” while Kartheek croons the vocals with regal grace. The lyrics, written by Kittu Vissapragada, are deeply moving. Through a moving montage of images, the song’s visuals masterfully capture the protagonist’s intense devotion for the leading lady.

With the movie “Prem Kumar,” renowned actor and author Abhishek Maharshi makes his directorial debut. Producer Siva Prasad Panneeru is bringing the concept to reality under the auspices of Saranga Entertainments Pvt Ltd.

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