Shaakuntalam RR sessions in Budapest, Hungary-Samantha-Jan 6, 2023

Shaakuntalam RR sessions in Budapest, Hungary-Samantha- Jan 6, 2023

Shaakuntalam RR sessions in Budapest, Hungary

Shaakuntalam is Samantha’s most eagerly anticipated movie. Dev Mohan portrays King Dushyant and she will play the titular role of Queen Shakuntala in this reoccurring love story.

The movie’s producers started running internet ads in advance of its February launch on Valentine’s Day.

Samantha participates actively in social media and utilises it frequently. Recently, she posted a video promoting the RR sessions in which she flaunted the appeal of a breathtaking glimpse of the “Symphony Orchestra Budapest.”

The popular Sanskrit play Abhijnana Shakuntalam by Kalidasa served as the inspiration for the imaginative tale Shaakuntalam. Shakuntala and King Dushyant, who are respectively portrayed by Samantha and Dev Mohan, are at the centre of the epic love story.

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