Sonu Sood wife Sonali Sood is Telugu, the actor reveals

Sonu Sood wife Sonali Sood is Telugu, the actor reveals

Sonu Sood married Sonali, a Telugu girl born in Mumbai, years before making his Bollywood debut.

They are the proud parents of two kids, Ishaant and Ayaan Sood.

Sonali Sood is not well-known since she is not well-versed in the media.

Sonali is a Teluguite, according to the actor-most philanthropist’s recent interview.

“My wife is of Telugu origin. Her parents are from Hyderabad, even though she was born in Mumbai.

She also has a strong Godavari connection.

“My wife was born in Mumbai, and as a result of her, I have a deep connection with Telugu people,” he said. He also said that his wife’s grandparents come from the Godavari area of Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from my professional life, I am pleased to have a Telugu link in my personal life, “Sonu Sood said.

In an earlier interview, the ‘Arundhati’ actor said that his wife was not enthusiastic about making her film debut.

However, she subsequently backed his ambitions.

It was a love marriage for them.

In response to a query, the actor revealed that he gets 1,000 letters and 50,000 SMS daily from people requesting assistance.

“I do my best to help people who need urgent assistance,” he stated, thanking his wife, children, and sister for their support in the good cause.

Their fledgling love affair began in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Sonali has also worked in the film industry as a film producer.

Sonu Sood said earlier this year, when asked about his Telugu connection, that he never hesitates to claim that his favorite industry in the nation is the Telugu film business.

“This is something I’ve always stated, no matter where I worked, whether in Bollywood or Kollywood.

The atmosphere in this room is wonderful,” He stated.

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