Latest 2021 Telugu Comedy Shows Promos- Cash latest promo, – Extra Jabardasth promo, Jabardasth promo, Sridevi Drama Company promo

Latest 2021 Telugu Comedy Shows Promos- Cash latest promo, – Extra Jabardasth promo, Jabardasth promo, Sridevi Drama Company promo

1- Cash’s newest promotional video: Actress Shakeela breaks down – Jyothi, Sampoo, AbhinayaSri

Mallemala Entertainments has released the newest Suma’s Cash concert promo, which is full of fun and emotions.

Shakeela, Jyothi, Sampoornesh Babu, and Abhinaya Sri were among the actors that were on the show to delight the audience.

The commercial began with Shakeela’s appearance, in which she was shown refusing to dance for the entry song, which sparked hilarity.

Everyone laughs at Suma’s amusing conversation during the Cash school function.

Shakeela recounted an event that occurred during the production and became upset as she remembered her father.

The entire programme will air on October 30th.

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2-Sudigali Sudheer, Rashmi Gautam – Mallemalatv – Extra Jabardasth newest promo- 29th Oct 2021

Watch the latest promo for the upcoming comedy programme Extra Jabardasth, which will debut on October 29th, 2021.

The marketing video started with a humorous skit between Varsha and Emanuel. It is followed by a love song in which they are seen participating.

The next sketch delves into the personalities of Bullet Bhaskar, Emanuel, Faima, and others.

Following this comedy, a funny skit highlighting the characteristics of Rakesh and Rohini was emphasised.

The skit done by Sudigali Sudheer, Auto Ram Prasad, and Getup Srinu is one of the show’s highlights.

The show was liked by the judges, Roja and Manu, who also thrilled the audience with their punch quips.

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3-Jabardasth’s latest promo, starring Anasuya, Roja, and Hyper Aadi, will air on October 28.

Watch and enjoy the most recent promo for ETV’s Jabardasth comedy programme.

The promotion began with a skit performed by Hyper Aadi and his buddies.

Rocket Raghava made a joke on judges RK Roja and Mano when they disputed his dialogue.

Chalaki Chanti and Adhire Abhi also did skits. In Chalaki Chanti’s act, Roja pointed up a mistake made by one of the team members.

Anasuya Bharadwaj will host the show, which will premiere on October 28 at 9:30 p.m.

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4-Sridevi Drama Company’s most recent promotion- October 31, 2021

Watch the latest promo for the comedy programme ‘Sridevi Drama Company,’ which airs on Etv every Sunday. In the current ad, previous Bigg Boss contestants Ariyana Glory, Lasya, and others can be seen dancing to a tune.

Ariyana and Lasya’s dialogue is amusing to watch. It is followed by a comedic sketch including serial artists and comedy stars.

The skit done by Hyper Aadi, Auto Ram Prasad, and Sudigali Sudheer is hilarious.

Antakshari is one of the contenders in the upcoming event.

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