21 Latest Telugu comedy shows- Promos

2021 Latest Telugu comedy shows- Promos

Telugu comedy

The latest Jabardasth promo, starring Hyper Aadi, Anasuya, and Kinnera Moghulaiah, will air on December 9th.

Watch and enjoy the latest Jabardasth ad, which is jam-packed with entertaining comedy sketches from the comedians.

The promotion began with a Hyper Aadi sketch, and his punch phrases made everyone laugh.

Rocket Raghava and Chalaki Chanti drew everyone’s attention with their amusing acts and outfits.

Judge Roja’s humorous remarks about the comedians were a lot of fun.

Adhire Abhi captivated viewers with his comedy, in which famous Kinnera Moghulaiah arrived and sang a song.

Anasuya, the anchor, looks stunning in her current outfits.

The entire programme will air on December 9.

Telugu comedy
The most recent promotion from Sridevi Drama Company

Watch and enjoy the latest promo for the Sunday comedy programme ‘Sridevi Drama Company.’

The commercial opened with several of the participants, including Sudigali Sudhakar, doing dance movements.

Following that comes a sketch including senior character artist Prudhvi, junior Naresh, and others.

Hyper Aadi, Auto Ram Prasad, and Sudigali Sudheer’s skit is amusing to see.

On the occasion of Rajinikanth’s birthday, the programme has devoted a sketch to him.

Auto The gesture of Allu Arjun in the film Pushpa by Ram Prasad is likely to captivate the viewers.

The show’s special guest is senior character artist Annapurna.
Telugu comedy

DHEE 13 Kings versus. Queens grand finale newest promo- Allu Arjun- December 8th, 2021

Allu Arjun, a Tollywood icon, has graced the finals of the dance contest ‘Dhee 13 Kings versus Queens.’

Dhee 13 Kings vs Queens was presented by Pradeep Machiraju.

The show’s judges are Ganesh Master, Priyamani, and Poorna.

The latest teaser published by the show’s producers shows Allu Arjun making a spectacular entrance as a vast group of dancers groove to his recent chartbuster Aey Bidda.

Allu Arjun, who appears on a TV show after a lengthy absence, will also declare the show’s winner.
Telugu comedy

Suma’s Cash promotion: Singers Manisha, Damini, Krishna Chaitanya, and Revanth swoon

Watch and enjoy the newest Suma’s Cash programme promo, which is jam-packed with amusement.

The event included singers Manisha Eerabathini, Damini, Krishna Chaitanya, and Revanth.

Suma’s humorous jabs on the participants garnered laughter.

Suma said that actor Ameer Khan attempted to flee the occasion by singing a song.

The event men singers against female singers continues to be the show’s major draw.

Singers wowed Cash audiences with their talent and comedic abilities.

By singing Vedam song, singers Revanth and Krishna Chaitanya melted the hearts of the audience.

The entire programme will air on December 11th.

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