Telugu Indian Idol- Telugu Indian Idol Judges

Telugu Indian Idol- Telugu Indian Idol Judges

Aha, the 100% local OTT platform, has launched its latest offering, ‘Telugu Indian Idol 2’, promising to take the musical experience to new heights. The launch event, which was held in Nellore, was star-studded and saw the presence of 15,000 people on the ground, with millions more tuning in from their homes via YouTube Live. The event also served as the perfect platform to launch two of Aha’s biggest assets, ‘Newsense’, a web series, and ‘Mandakini’, the second daily series centred on mythology and the supernatural.

‘Telugu Indian Idol 2’ will see a panel of judges that includes S Thaman, Geetha Madhuri, and Karthik, who will evaluate the contestants and help them achieve their full potential. Hema Chandra will host the show, ensuring that viewers are entertained and engaged throughout each episode. The CEO of Aha, Ajit Thakur, expressed his excitement about the new season, saying that the platform is committed to providing talented individuals with a platform to showcase their talent on a global stage.

More than 6,000 people auditioned for the show, and the top 50 contestants will get to perform before the judges. S Thaman, who has been associated with the show since its first season, spoke about his excitement and said that he was confident that this season would raise the bar even higher. Geetha Madhuri, who is making her debut as a judge on OTT, shared her experience with music and expressed her honour at being able to share it with the budding singers coming on the show.

A surprise wild card entry was also announced for the season at the event, creating excitement among the audience. The show is set to premiere on Aha on March 3, 2023.

The event also unveiled the statue of the late singer SP Balasubramanyam, who ruled the South music industry for five decades. Aha verse was another special attraction at the event, where the content universe of Aha merged seamlessly into the world of the metaverse.

Aha has been providing its viewers with clutter-breaking shows and entertaining content for the past three years, and with the launch of ‘Telugu Indian Idol 2,’ it aims to continue doing so. The show is set to uncover the best singers from the Telugu-speaking world and provide them with a platform to shine on a global stage. Aha also promises larger content promises from the platform for the quarter, with ‘Newsense’ and ‘Mandakini’ already being launched. Fremantle, the team behind the show, expressed their confidence in the power of Telugu music lovers and said that this season was going to be even bigger and better.

Overall, the launch event was a huge success, with Kartheek, the Marketing Head at Aha, saying that it set the tone for the new season. Nellore, the hometown for music talents like SPB and Thaman, has been an essential part of the show, with the highest number of minutes watched for the first season.

Telugu Indian Idol/ Indian Idol FAQs

1-How can one participate in Indian Idol Telugu and what are the requirements for registration?

Ans-To participate in Indian Idol Telugu, one must visit the channel’s or show’s official website, look for the “Indian Idol Telugu” link, and click on it. After reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the participant must complete a registration form with personal and contact information. The contestant must be above 18 years old, a citizen of India residing in India, of sound mind and health, not convicted of any criminal offense, and without any disability by way of any existing arrangement.

2-Is there an age limit for Indian Idol participants?

Ans-Yes, the contestant must be at least 18 years old to participate in the show, and participants under 18 years old can apply under their parents’ or guardians’ undertaking.

3-What are the eligibility requirements for Indian Idol participants?

Ans-The eligibility requirements for Indian Idol participants are: (i) the contestant must be above 14 years old but not above 30 years old as of 8th July 2022, (ii) a citizen of India residing in India, (iii) of sound mind and health, (iv) without any criminal conviction, and (v) without any disability by way of any existing arrangement.

4-Who is the most famous Indian Idol winner?

Ans-Abhijeet Sawant, the winner of Season 1, is widely considered the most famous Indian Idol winner.

5-Who were the Telugu singers who won Indian Idol?

Ans- BVK Vagdevi from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, was the winner of the Telugu Indian Idol Season 1, while Sreenivas earned the second position.

6-Who was the first female Indian Idol winner?

Ans-Sourabhee Debbarma, a contestant on Indian Idol 4, became the first female winner of the show.

7-Who won Indian Idol kids?

Ans-Ananya from Odisha was crowned the winner of the second season of Indian Idol Kids. The show was hosted by Hussain Kuwarjerwala and Asha Negi, while Sonakshi Sinha, Vishal Dadlani, and Salim Merchant were the judges of the show.

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Telugu Indian Idol promo-Tribute to Legend SPB

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