Telugu Indian Idol promos- Telangana female contestant wins hearts of judges-March 3, 2023

Telugu Indian Idol promos- Telangana female contestant wins hearts of judges-March 3, 2023

The latest promo of Telugu Indian Idol has featured the incredible singing skills of Teja Rani, a contestant from Telangana. She revealed that she was encouraged to sing in the Telangana modulation, which led her to adopt a new name, Telangana Teju Priya. Despite her nerves, Teju Priya gave an exceptional performance, showcasing her passion for singing that began in her childhood.

Judge Karthik was moved by her performance and wished her all the best from the bottom of his heart. Judge Geetha Madhuri expressed her desire to see Teju Priya’s singing journey continue.

However, SS Thaman threw a curveball by asking a tricky question, putting the talented singer in a difficult position. Only time will tell if Teju Priya will be selected as one of the top 12 contestants.

The upcoming episode of Telugu Indian Idol, featuring Teju Priya and other talented singers, will premiere on March 3, 2023. Viewers can tune in every Friday and Saturday at 7 pm to catch the show. We can’t wait to see more amazing performances from Teju Priya and the rest of the contestants as the competition heats up.

Another contestant Ravi Kiran has also pleased the judges with his singing skills. Judge Geetha Madhuri gave the contestant Rs 500 stating that he will be offered a chance to perform in one of the shows.

Earlier, Telugu BSF Jawan Steals Judges’ Hearts with His Patriotism to Serve the Nation

Introduction: The Indian Idol Telugu platform is a space where singers from across the nation showcase their talents. In the most recent season of Indian Idol Telugu, one contestant stood out from the rest with his outstanding performance, patriotism, and commitment to serve the nation. This contestant, a Telugu BSF jawan, captured the hearts of both the judges and the audience with his inspiring story.

The Journey of a Telugu BSF Jawan

Born and raised in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, this Telugu BSF jawan had a passion for singing from a young age.

However, his dreams of pursuing music were put on hold when he decided to join the Border Security Force (BSF) to serve the nation.

Despite the challenges and sacrifices that come with being a BSF jawan, he never forgot his love for music and continued to sing in his free time.

The Inspiring Performance on Telugu Indian Idol

When this Telugu BSF jawan stepped onto the stage of Indian Idol Telugu, he captured the attention of the judges and the audience with his powerful rendition of a patriotic song. His voice was full of emotion and conviction, and his performance left everyone in awe. The judges were moved by his dedication to serving the nation and his passion for music, and they praised him for his outstanding performance.

A Symbol of Patriotism and Commitment

This Telugu BSF jawan’s performance on Telugu Indian Idol show has become a symbol of patriotism and commitment to the nation. His story has inspired many people across the country, and his message of serving the nation with dedication and passion has resonated with audiences of all ages. He has become a role model for many young Indians who aspire to serve their country and pursue their dreams.


The Telugu BSF jawan’s performance on Telugu Indian Idol has touched the hearts of many people across the country. His story is a testament to the power of dedication and passion, and his message of serving the nation with pride and commitment has inspired many. We hope that his performance and story will continue to serve as a source of inspiration for people across the nation.

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