Tenant Movie Review (Amazon Prime)

Tenant Movie Review: A Flat Narrative in a Confined Space

Movie Name: Tenant
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Cast: Sathyam Rajesh, Megha Choudary, Bharath Kanth, Chandana, Adukalam Naren
Director: Yugandhar
Producer: Chandrasekhar Reddy
Music: Jemin Jome
Banner: Mahaateja Creations

“Tenant,” a film starring Sathyam Rajesh, was released on April 19th and is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Directed by Yugandhar and produced by Chandrasekhar Reddy under Mahaateja Creations, this family emotional thriller aims to capture audiences on OTT platforms.


Gautam (Sathyam Rajesh), a software engineer, marries his sister-in-law Sandhya (Megha Choudary), and they live happily. In the adjacent flat, Rishi (Bharath Kanth) lives with friends and loves Shravanthi (Chandana). Rishi postpones their marriage, aiming to settle first.

Suddenly, Sandhya changes her behavior, stopping communication with Gautam. In a drastic turn, Gautam murders her and disposes of her body in a secluded area.

Meanwhile, Shravanthi arrives at Rishi’s flat, causing him confusion. With no choice, he accommodates her.

While Gautam is disposing of Sandhya’s body, Rishi and Shravanthi jump off the building. The case is handed over to a special police officer, Esther, who investigates both incidents. She meets Rishi in the hospital and begins questioning Gautam.

Key Questions:

Why did Gautam kill his wife?
What circumstances led to the chaos in the lives of these couples?
Who are the culprits behind these tragic events?

Direction and Screenplay:

Yugandhar’s direction focuses on a simple narrative revolving around married and in-love couples living on the same apartment floor.

The screenplay attempts to blend past and present but may confuse viewers with its unconventional approach.

The plot involving a murder and a suicide, though potentially gripping, suffers from a weak investigation track that fails to maintain suspense.


The main cast delivers satisfactory performances.

The music by Sahitya Sagar is average, while Jemin Jome’s cinematography stands out. Vijay’s editing is adequate.

However, the simplistic storyline and the confined setting within the apartment create a sense of monotony, failing to engage the audience effectively.


“Tenant” struggles with a lackluster narrative and weak screenplay, leading to an overall disappointing viewing experience.

Tenant Release Trailer | Satyam Rajesh, Megha

Tenant Trailer | Satyam Rajesh, Megha Chowdhury 

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