Tollywood Latest News Including Trailers

Tollywood Latest News Including Trailers

1-Telugu trailer for Kangana Ranaut’s newest film, “Chandramukhi 2”

The lengthy wait is ended. The eagerly anticipated trailer for Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film, “Chandramukhi 2,” has finally been released on social media. And what’s this?

With her aggressive and powerful appearance, Kangana has already captured everyone’s attention in the trailer. You’re guaranteed to feel uneasy seeing the trailer because of her unusual appearance.

In this film, Raghava Lawrence co-stars with Kangana Ranaut in the lead role of Chandramukhi 2. The P Vasu-directed film “Chandramukhi 2” portrays the tale of a traditional dancer who seeks to exact revenge on the monarch for his wrongdoings in the past. Everyone is raving about this fascinating tale!

2-Viral: Upasana provides a glimpse of her daughter Klin Kaara’s attire

The birth of their daughter, Klin Kaara Konidela, has been a cause for celebration for Ram Charan, a well-known South Indian actor, and his wife Upasana Kamineni. In June 2023, after 11 years of marriage, the couple decided to have children. On Instagram, Upasana just provided a sneak glimpse at their baby girl’s gorgeous clothing.

On September 2, Upasana shared a collection of images in which she showcased Klin Kaara Konidela’s adorable attire, with one caption reading, “KKK’s fashion decoded.” The couple’s excitement is clear as they embrace this new stage of motherhood with their little child. The images are currently trending on social media.

3 Visit to the Yadadri Temple by Vijay and Anand Devarakonda

Tollywood actor Vijay Devarakonda visited the newly restored Yadadri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple with his brother Anand Devarakonda, family, and the Kushi film crew.

They took part in a special puja during their visit on Sunday, and Temple Executive Officer N Geetha welcomed them with open arms.

4-Jailer, starring Rajinikanth, celebrates its 25-day milestone in grand manner.

With his most recent blockbuster, “Jailer,” the famous Rajinikanth has made a successful comeback to the big screen! The thrilling action movie is breaking records and creating ripples throughout the world.

As the movie continues to make history at the international box office, fans couldn’t be happier.

The ‘Jailer’ producers released a spectacular trailer that has captivated the world and successfully passed the 25-day milestone. The sneak glimpse of the movie’s exciting sequences has enthralled audiences.

‘Jailer’ is not just popular abroad; it is also popular domestically, generating tremendous success at the local box office. The movie is generating extraordinary levels of excitement.

5-Rashmika’s response to the five heartfelt moments during the assistant’s wedding goes viral.

On a bright Sunday morning, Rashmika Mandana, an actress, attended her helper Sai’s wedding while wearing a beautifully designed saree and hairdo. The occasion exuded a classic charm.

Rashmika joined the other guests in taking the stage to congratulate the assistant during the wedding ceremonies. However, something unanticipated occurred, causing her to flush and feel a little bashful. Her assistant and his wife knelt at her feet and prayed for her blessings. Rashmika was taken aback by this humble act, and her expression was captured on tape.

After quickly getting over her shock, Rashmika wished the couple well and urged them to stand. She then joyfully posed for several photos with the newlyweds to record this touching event.

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