Vijayashanthi’s Sharp Critique on Chandrababu-Revanth Reddy Meeting

Vijayashanthi Accuses Chandrababu of Secret Agenda for TDP in Telangana

Congress leader Vijayashanthi made sensational comments on the recent meeting between Andhra Pradesh CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana CM Revanth Reddy, which was aimed at resolving bifurcation issues between the Telugu states.

Vijayashanthi expressed doubts, suggesting that Chandrababu’s real agenda might be to serve the interests of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) rather than the people of the Telugu states.

She pointed to Chandrababu’s declaration of expanding TDP in Telangana as an example, raising suspicions about his true intentions.

Vijayashanthi stated that TDP would never strengthen in Telangana and that any attempts to collaborate with their ally BJP to gain power would lead to both parties’ downfall in the state.

She predicted that Telangana activists and movement supporters would rise again to counter such efforts.

Vijayashanti questioned why Chandrababu, who had previously acknowledged the good governance of the Congress in Telangana, now felt the need to claim that he would strengthen TDP in the state.

She sarcastically suggested that it would be more appropriate for Chandrababu to tell his ally BJP that there is no need to criticize the Congress governance in Telangana.

Vijayashanti’s Sharp Critique on Chandrababu-Revanth Reddy Meeting

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